Shanling M30 / M30 Pro Module


Additional Module to fit into your Shanling M30


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Version: 665 Module

Additional Module to fit into your Shanling M30

655 Module:

The new digital player module features the powerful Octa-Core Snapdragon 665 CPU and 5.8" 1080x2160 touch screen for your Shanling M30. This module allow your M30 to run a closed Android 10 system, deeply customized for optimal sound quality and smooth operation. It comes ready with wide support for playback of local files and a range of music streaming services.

High Power Amplifier: 

Featuring an upgraded high-power amplifier module, a discrete audio architecture offering up to 3.8W @ 32 0 Output power. Designed with a clear focus on the most demanding full-size headphones on the market, further adjusted over many months of testing with the most high-end models of headphones.

Shanling M30 / M30 Pro Module
Shanling M30 / M30 Pro Module Sale priceFrom $733.03 SGD Regular price$843.12 SGD
System Module

Screen: 5.8-inch 2160*1080 HD Sharp Display

System: Closed customized Android 10 system

Audio format support: DS / DFF /ISO/ DXD /APE / FLAC/ WAV/ AIFF / AIF / DTS/ MP3/WMA/ACC/OGG/ ALAC/ MP2/ M4A/AC3/ M3U/ M3U8

Hi-Res Support: 32bit / 768kHz& DSD512

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Transmit: LDAC/LHDC/aptXHD/aptX/ SBC

Receive: LDAC / SBC

RCA Output

Output Level:

  • Bypass mode: 2.6V
  • Transistor mode: 2.18V

Frequency Response: 20Hz-50kHz


  • Bypass mode: 0.0005%@320
  • Transistor mode: 0.0018%@320

Signal-to-noise ratio:

  • Bypass mode: 121dB@320
  • Transistor mode: 116dB@320
XLR Output

Output Level:

  • Bypass mode: 5.2V
  • Transistor mode: 4.3V

Frequency Response: 20Hz-50kHz


  • Bypass mode: 0.0003%@320
  • Transistor mode: 0.0004%@320

Signal-to-noise ratio:

  • Bypass mode: 124dB@320
  • Transistor mode: 119dB@320
Single-ended Headphone Outputs

Output Power:

  • Low Gain: 0.78V@320 (19mW@320)
  • Medium Gain: 1.5V@320 (70mW@320)
  • High Gain: 3V@320 (281mW@320)
  • Ultra-High Gain: 6V@320 (1125mW@320)
  • Ultra-High Gain: 7V@3002 (163mW@3000)

Frequency Response: 20Hz-50kHz (-0.5dB)


  • 0.0032%@320 (A-Weight@0.5V high gain)

Dynamic Range: 121dB@320 (A-Weight high gain)

Channel Separation: 72dB@320

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 121dB@320 (A-Weight High Gain)

Output Impedance: < 0.80 

Balanced Headphone Outputs
  • Low Gain: 1.6V@322 (80mW@320)
  • Medium Gain: 3.2V@320 (320mW@320)
  • High gain: 5.6V@320 (980mW@32)
  • Ultra-High Gain: 11V@320 (3800mW@32)
  • Ultra-High Gain: 13V@300 (565mW@3000)

Frequency Response: 20Hz-50kHz (-0.5dB)


  • 0.0007%@320 (A-Weight@1Vhigh gain)

Dynamic Range: 125B@320 (A-Weight@ 1V High Gain)

Channel Separation: 105B@320

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 123dB@320 (A-Weight High Gain)

Output Impedance: < 1.60 

  • Authorised Distributor Warranty - 1 Year