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Shanling EH3

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• ESS ES9039SPRO 8-channel DAC
• Power and Versatility
• Precision Power Supply
• Advanced System and Controls
• Unrivaled Connectivity
• Expansive Headphone Outputs
• Complementing the ET3

  • ESS ES9039SPRO 8-channel DAC

    Introducing the Shanling EH3 Desktop DAC/AMP, a triumphant comeback in the realm of streamlined desktop audio. Built upon the success of our EM5 Streamer, EH3 addresses the demand for a more simplified device, delivering impeccable performance and elegance.

    Power and Versatility

    Delivering up to 1.9W @ 32 Ohm // 205mW @ 300 Ohm in Single-Ended and 5.3W @ 32 Ohm // 700mW @ 300 Ohm in Balanced, EH3 boasts substantial power. However, for the most demanding headphones, EM7 offers slightly more power.

    Precision Power Supply

    EH3 features a dual power supply system, thoughtfully partitioned between Analog and Digital sections, effectively minimizing interference between components for an unadulterated audio experience.

    Advanced System and Controls

    Powered by the Ingenic X2000 platform, EH3 shares the same system and control interface as the ET3 CD Transport. A central multifunctional wheel serves for both volume control and menu navigation, complemented by playback and input buttons on the top panel. Users can navigate the intuitive circular screen on the front of the device or utilize the Eddict Player app as a remote control from smartphones and tablets. EH3 is also bundled with a remote controller.

    Unrivaled Connectivity

    Equipped for wireless playback, EH3 features Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi capabilities. It can function as a Bluetooth receiver, supporting LDAC, AAC, and SBC codecs. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates into local Wi-Fi networks, serving as an Airplay 1 or DLNA endpoint. The rear panel offers a versatile array of inputs and outputs, including USB, Optical, Coaxial, and I2S HDMI for DAC use, as well as RCA Analog inputs for pure amplifier functionality.

    Expansive Headphone Outputs

    EH3 boasts an impressive array of 4 headphone outputs, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of headphones. Single-ended outputs are available through both 3.5mm and 6.35mm jacks, while balanced output is facilitated through the 4.4mm jack and 4-pin XLR.

    Complementing the ET3

    Thoughtfully designed as a companion to our ET3 CD transport, EH3 and ET3 can be seamlessly interconnected via the high-quality I2S connection, utilizing the new L8 cable for the ultimate CD and MQA CD playback experience.

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