DITA Navigator

With its hardy construction and intuitive design, the Navigator is a nifty audio tool that sits easily in pockets and bags. It will be your new partner in traversing fresh and familiar sonic landscapes, as well as a powerful companion while exploring new dimensions in your music and gear.

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To navigate Highquality sound

To navigate Highquality sound, DITA Audio has chosen the dual ES9219 DAC from ESS as the core of the Navigator, guiding music signals into analog signals. Simultaneously, it utilizes dual FPGA independent crystal oscillator clocks internally, reducing the jitter of streaming music signals to ensure their accuracy. With the support of dual FPGA independent crystal oscillator clocks, it can effectively broaden the sound field range and enhance the separation between details.

Pocketable Durability: Built with 6000 Series Aluminium Alloys

Cut with 5-Axis CNC for precision — the Navigator is made of 6000 Series Aluminium: An aluminium-silicone alloy also used in aircraft and marine applications. 6000 Series Aluminium Alloys are known for their stellar strength, and high corrosion resistance.

Boasting an excellent strength-to-weight ratio: The Navigator might just be your perfect, portable partner in audio

Featuring a captivatingly dynamic and energetic sound signature, an output of

340 mW @ 32 ohms, as well as DSD256 and MQA support — the Navigator effortlessly drives and optimises some of the best top-of-the-line IEMs for portable audio setups.

DITA Navigator
DITA Navigator 促销价格$402.75 SGD 原价$459.00 SGD


Body Material

Aluminium Alloys

Body Color



Dual ESS ES9219 DAC ;Dual FPGA independent crystal oscillator clocks

Sample rate

Output: 340 mW @32Ω
Supports: MQA 16x Native, PCM 768kHz/32bit, DSD256 Native


USB Type-C ( UAC 1.0 & UAC 2.0 Supported)


3.5mm (Supports CTIA standard 4-pole earphones/headphones), 4.4mm (Only 5-pole supported)

Audio Performance

Output Impedance

Unbalanced Out 3.5mm (32Ω) │ Balanced Out 4.4mm (32Ω)

Output Power or Voltage


  • Authorised Distributor Warranty - 1 Year