Bellos X2 CIEM

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Color: Matte Black
Cable Length: 54"

The Bellos Audio X2 custom in-ear monitors are designed for professional musicians and music enthusiasts alike. The X2 delivers a mid-centric performance with a neutral but energetic tonal coloration that puts vocals front and center.

The X2’s technical side is what makes it stand out, with an impressive level of separation and air through the mids and lower treble that allows every instrument to command its own space. Featuring the revolutionary In-Air Canal technology, these custom earphones feel so comfortable that you’ll forget you have them in.

Like all X-Series, the X2 comes with a host of additional proprietary technologies such as ATOM Venting which greatly expands the soundstage, beautiful 3D Printed Matte Shells, the ultra-durable RCX Cable Connector, Modular Drivers and Removable Faceplates for quicker service and repairs.

Bellos X2 CIEM
Bellos X2 CIEM 促销价格$824.77 SGD

In-Air Canals

ATOM Venting

3D Printed Matte Shells

RCX Cables

Removable Faceplates

Modular Drivers

Driver Specs

1 High

1 Mid/Low

2-Way Crossover


2 Balanced Armature drivers

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 18kHz

Impedance: 41Ω at 1kHz

Sensitivity: 114 dB/mW

Crossover: Integrated 3-Way Crossover

Isolation: -17dB (internal ATOM)

  • X2 CIEMs
  • RCX Cable
  • Round Aluminum Case
  • IEM Cleaning Tool
  • Authorised Distributor Warranty - 2 Year
  • Conditional Freight Cost Applies