Vortex Seraphina

In addition to Vortex's most popular flagship LAVINIA climbing rope in 2023, the latest entry-level work of Vortex, SERAPHINA Asla (small climbing rope), will be unveiled for the first time at this exhibition, maintaining the same light luxury thinking and the same exquisite box. It comes with a standard ConX connector, which is the biggest gift for entry-level gamers in Taiwan, making people feel free to keep up with this trend. The black and blue Asla focuses on adaptability and is easy to control. It will have a significant sense of upgrade on any headset.

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Connector: ConX Basic (MMCX & 2-Pin)
Termination: 4.4mm Balanced

Seraphina not only inherits Lavinia's Shielded
Twins Pair structure, but uses shielding layers to effectively reduce external EMI. The main core also adopts Tiana's SZ Multi Strand structure, which can increase signal passability under the same AWG, thus Improve electrical conductivity, reduce impedance and signal attenuation, making signal transmission more stable and efficient. In addition, thanks to the positive and negative twisting of the positive and negative poles, the proximity effect and skin effect inside the main core can be reduced, making the tone cleaner and the background darker.

Ultra Twins Pair
Seraphina adopts the structural system of Lavinia's Shielded Twins Pair, and combines it with the latest definition concept of Litz Type 9 (the total AWG of the conductor and the total AWG of the shielding layer are the same) to create a unique and special structure. Ultra Twins Pair.

Japan's NUC Air Infiltration Technology
In the world of HiFi cables, Teflon is one of the insulating plastics. Mainly because of its excellent dielectric coefficient, it can reduce the impact of the insulation layer on high frequencies and achieve tighter low frequencies. A sense of cohesion. Vortex uses air to infiltrate polyethylene to make the outer skin of the insulating layer. Since 25% of the insulator is air, the insulating layer even has a lower dielectric coefficient than Teflon, further reducing the microcharges accumulated in the insulator. , making the high-frequency part more accurate.

In addition to the main core covering of the composite shock absorber,
which uses air-infiltrated polyethylene and the positive and negative poles are twisted, Vortex also adds a shock absorber layer to offset the external resonance of the wire, making the originally quiet background even better. . In-line shock absorbers are widely used in Hifi applications due to their remarkable effects, but are rarely used in headphone cables. The main reason is that under the limited wire diameter, the conductor has taken up more than half of the cross-section area, and it is also rare. To add a shock-absorbing layer, the process and production difficulty increase several times.

Vortex Seraphina
Vortex Seraphina Sale price$733.00 SGD
  • Upgraded line from Hong Kong brand Vortex
  • With ConX Basic pins
  • Using OFC copper silver plating + 6N OCC copper silver plating
  • Using rayon yarn as the outer sheath of the wire
  • Japanese NUC air infiltration technology
  • Composite outer skin shock absorber
  • Triangle The splitter design represents our persistence, enthusiasm and sincerity
  • Structure: SZ Multi Strands with Shielded Twins Pair
  • Material: OFC silver-plated copper + 6N OCC silver-plated copper
  • Wire gauge: 21.3 AWG
  • Accessories: Standard ConX Basic plug
  • Origin: Hong Kong
  • Authorised Distributor Warranty - 1 Year