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Unique Melody Mason Fabled Sound

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Package Content

Mason Fabled Sound is configured with 12 Balanced Armature drivers and a dBC-s Dual Sides Bone Conduction System. We used custom-made large-size BA drivers which have significant advantages in soundstage size and distortion control. The bone conduction system contributes to the full range refinement by adding weight and density to the sound. This guarantees that the Mason Fabled Sound can deliver an extraordinarily natural and realistic sound.

  • - 12 Traditional BA Drivers + dBC-s 5-way Crossover
    - Cable UM Attila-Black Fiber

  • MASON FS  BA + dBC-S

    MASON FS Uses a dual side piezoelectric bone conduction driver. The driver is placed in between two supporting plates. At the center of the driver is the vibration board covered by ceramic coating on both the front and back.

    MASON FS BA+ Bone Conduction—Wider Frequency Response Range, Higher Sensitivity.

    The bone conduction driver now shares a larger conduction area with the shell (double sides conduct with the shell), which vastly increases the transmission efficiency and sensitivity.

    dBC-s has an effective frequency response range from 500Hz to 20kHz, which carries out a full-range refinement.

    Working Principle Of Bone Conduction
    The bone conduction drivers are made using metal vibration pieces that are covered by piezoelectric ceramics. The ceramic layers will bend the metal vibration pieces to make micro-vibrations according to the changes of input alternating voltage.

    More Comprehensive Hearing Experience Using Bone Conduction And Air Conduction

  • Product Name

    Mason Fabled Sound Special Edition

    Headphone Type

    BA+ Bone Conduction

    Driver  Counts

    13 Drivers



    Frequency Response Range



    2-pin Socket


     Prestige Stabilized material + Resin


    5-way Crossover




    4 Bass Drivers + 4 Mids Drivers +2 Mid-Treble Drivers + 2 Treble Drivers +Full Range Bone Conduction Driver


    UM Attila Custom Cable

  • 1 x One pair of MASON FS (Fabled Sound)
    1 x UM Attila Custom Cable
    1 x UM “ESP" Double Drawer Black Gift Box
    1 x Dignis Turquoise Leather Case
    1 x Warranty Card
    1 x Premium Grey Cleaning Pad
    1 x AZLA SednaEarfit Xelastec  SS/MS/M
    1 x COMPLY  SM/MG/LG
    1 x silicone  S/M/L