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Tin Hifi T2 Pro

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Package Content

  • Balanced Sound with Treble Emphasis
    The TinAudio T2 Pro sits on the heavily contested entry market and in order to stand out, we have allocated a great deal of time to be sure to blow away the competition and thus resulting in improving the balanced sound on the T2 into a balanced-sounding T2 Pro that is still able to sound musical when your playlist asks of it

    Distinct Left and Right Markings
    Unlike other earphones, the Tin Audio T2 Pro is labeled with distinct Blue and Red markings on a hue that perfectly balances the metal shade of the T2 Pro housing and not only in form, it completely works which is what it is made for in the first place, allowing you to identify left and right easily

    High Quality 1.2m 5NOFC Silver-Plated Cable
    The Tin Audio T2 Pro comes with a rigorously tested high-quality 5N OFC silver-plated cable which allows to released the full potential of the Tin Audio T2 Pro. Tin Audio T2 Pro¡¯s left and right sound channels are also independently grounded to optimize the separation of the sound enabling a full-range resolution

    Comfortable And Non-Fatiguing
    We all love our music to the point that we use our personal audiophile earphones for an extended duration, with the Tin Audio T2 Pro, the metal housing won¡¯t induce any allergic reactions in your ears as they are completely hypoallergenic and we also made sure that the balanced sound with upper-frequency emphasis isn¡¯t fatiguing to use for long giving you the freedom to enjoy your music anytime and anywhere

  • Specifications:

    Drive unit:  Dynamic 10MM woofer + 6MM Tweeter (2DD drive unit)
    Earphone type:   In-ear
    Impedance:   16Ω
    Earphone sensitivity:   102dB/mW
    Frequency range:  12-40000Hz
    Plug interface:  3.5mm Gilded
    Cable:  Length 1.2m±3cm
    Cable:   1.25 5N oxygen-free copper plating silver
    Earphone interface:  MMCX interface
    Whether with mic    No

  • Tin Hifi T2 Pro drivers x 1
    Replacement Cable x 1
    Silicone Eartips (S/M/L) x 1
    Carrying Case x 1