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SpinFit Eartip 2-pair Pack CP800

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Package Content

  • 360º ROTATION Special designed cushion at the centre of the shank allows it to rotate freely
    360º SUPREME comfort SpinFit will shape to your ear canal so it can go deeper and seal better Superior noise isolation With deeper, more comfortable tip technology it also improve the noise isolation – less noise is better sound extended lows finer highs
    SpinFit is soft and with its patented, fully articulating feature, the eartip goes deeper and seals much better, resulting in extended lows and finer highs

  • Better isolation
    Enhance and improve your earphone
    The tilt allow the tip to go deeper
    Better seal for better hearing protection


  • Model : CP800

    Available sizes : L, M, S, XS

    Tip diameters :

    • L size   : 13mm
    • M size  : 12mm
    • S size   : 11mm

    Compatible brands :

    • ALTEC LANSING: Bliss Gold, inMotion 616, inMotion 716
    • CREATIVE: Aurvana 2, Aurvana 3
    • DENON: AH-C400
    • EARSONICS: SM1, SM2, SM3, SM3 V2, SM64, S-EM6, S-EM9, VELVET
    • ETYMOTIC RESEARCH: ER-4, ety8, ETY•COM etyBLU2, hf2, hf3 hf5, mc3, mc5, mk5
    • HARMAN KARDON: EP -170, EP720, EP-730
    • IFROGZ: EarPollution Luxe
    • JAYS: d-JAYS, q-JAYS, s-JAYS
    • KLIPSCH: Custom 1, 2, 3; Image A5i, Image e1, Image S3, S4, S4A, S4i, Image X10, X11 Image X5, X7i; ProMedia; Reference S4, S4i, R6, R6i, R6m, AW4i, AS5i, X4i, X6i, X7i, XR8i, X11i, X12i, X20i
    • PHLIPS: SHE9850, SHE9900
    • PHONAK AUDÉO: PFE 012, PFE 022, PFE 111, PFE 112 PFE 121, PFE 122, PFE 132, PFE232
    • ROCK IT SOUNDS:R-20, R-30, R-50
    • SAMSUNG: EHS71
    • SHURE: E3c, E3g, E4c, E4g, E500, E5c; i3c, i4c; SCL3, SCL4, SCL5; SE110, SE112, SE115, SE210, SE215, SE310, SE315, SE420, SE425, SE530, SE535, SE846, KSE1500
    • SOUNDMAGIC: PL50 TDK BA100, BA200
    • ULTRASONE: IQ, Pyco, Tio
    • WESTONE: Adventure Alpha; Talk series; UM1, UM2, UM3X; Westone 1, Westone 2 Westone 3, Westone 4 UM PRO 10, UM PRO 20, UM PRO 30 UM PRO 50; W10, W20, W30, W40 W50, W60


  • 2 x pairs of SpinFit Ultimate Earphone Tips CP800