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Softears Turii Ti

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Package Content

>Premium Aviation-Grade Titanium-alloy shells.
>Unique & elegant twisted design.
>Custom single dynamic driver configuration.
>Supports low impedance with ratings up to 25Ω.
>Brass Inner Cavity.
>PEEK Suspension combined with rigid DLC composite Diaphragm.
>Powerful magnetic flux(over 1.6T).

  • Softears Turii Ti, meet the all-new special edition Turii with full aviation-grade titanium alloy ear shells. Yes, you guys read it right, Softears has released a full titanium alloy variant for the famous single dynamic driver IEM. With this special edition, we not only get high-quality titanium cavities, but there are also a few more upgrades too like Pure Sterling Silver Cable with swappable termination plugs, high-quality Softears Ultra-Clear Ear Tips, a new grey-colored earphone carry box, and more. In order to preserve the sound performance, Softears has featured a brass internal cavity structure. With the Turii Ti, be prepared to enjoy your music with all-new clarity and details.

  • Aviation-Grade Titanium-Alloy Ear Shells:-

    Titanium is an extremely rare material. It's lightweight and has excellent strength making it an ideal choice for premium and special IEMs. Softears has designed the latest Turii Ti using high-quality aviation-grade titanium alloy material for the ear shells. The shells are polished and carved into a well-textured smooth finish with a bright silver look. With its lightweight characteristics, Turii Ti ear shells are extremely lightweight ensuring a comfortable wearing experience for its users.

    Single Dynamic Driver Flagship:-

    Turii from Softears has been the flagship single dynamic driver IEM for Softears. The latest special edition Softears Turii Ti also brings us a powerful performance with a single dynamic driver configuration. Softears has designed a custom dynamic driver here with PEEK suspension and lightweight Diamond-Like Carbon(DLC) diaphragm coil. With professional tuning adjustments, Turii Ti achieves an authentic and detailed high-resolution sound performance.

    Internal Brass Cavity Structure:-

    Softears has designed the cavity structure of the Turii Ti using a high-quality brass inner-cavity. It is placed at the rear side of the shells with seven air vents. These air vents exchange the airflow with the diaphragm and control its resonance behavior. These air vents also maintain the air pressure inside the cavity structure.

    Lower-Distortion With Powerful Magnetic Flux:-

    With the help of neodymium magnets in the magnetic circuit, the Softears Turii produces a strong magnetic flux for the driver unit. It creates up to 1.6T magnetic force with a circuit similar to that on the Full-Sized Speakers. With such a powerful magnetic flux, the diaphragm movement is smooth, quick, and shows lower distortion throughout a wide frequency response range.


    Rich Accessories With Pure Sterling Silver Cable & Ultra-Clear Ear Tips:-

    Softears Turii Ti is a premium high-end single dynamic in-ear monitor. The pair comes with a set of rich accessories that includes a high-purity sterling silver cable & Ultra-clear ear tips. The cable here has got swappable termination plugs, you can easily switch between 4.4mm/2.5mm/3.5mm terminations. The package also includes a high-quality earphone carry case.

    Unique & Beautiful Design With Comfy Fit:-

    Softears Turii Ti has got a design of its own. It looks completely unique with a twisted design for the cavities and titanium alloy ear shells. Titanium alloy allowed Softears to keep the cavities lightweight and comfortable. 

  • Impedance




    Frequency Response Range


    Effective Frequency response range




  • 1 x Turri Ti drivers
    1 x 2-Pin Cable
    1 x Multi-Plug (3.5mm Stereo/2.5mm Balanced/4.4mm Balanced)
    1 x Silicone Eartips (S/M/L)
    1 x Protective Pouch
    1 x Carrying Case