SIVGA Nightingale

The Nightingale showcases a 14.5mm planar magnetic driver. Though planar magnetic IEMs have become increasingly popular, they’re still a minority. So, the planar design is still somewhat fresh in the IEM world. The driver frame is made with a magnesium alloy material that is intended to minimize resonance. The diaphragm has been developed by Sivga’s own people, using an ultra-thin composite material designed to make treble frequencies more transparent, and the soundstage more expansive

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SIVGA Nightingale
SIVGA Nightingale Sale price$332.41 SGD
What You Are Getting
  • 1x SIVGA Nightingale
  • 1x Hard carrying case
  • 2x Eartip size M
  • 2x Eartip size L
  • 2x Eartip size S
  • 1x Eartip case