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Singxer SU6

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  • The Singxer SU-6 is a next-generation digital interface that delivers excellent audio performance through a high-end component-based design. These include an XMOS XU208 USB interface and a Xilinx FPGA. Two CCHD-957 femtosecond clocks provide an extremely low jitter level.

    The SU-6 also has a particularly complete set of connectors, especially at the output. While it has a single input in USB-B 2.0 format, the output of the SU-6 includes AES/EBU, Coaxial, BNC and Optical SPDIF as well as I2S via RJ45 and HDMI. A MCLK/WCK output is also available to allow another device to use the clock signal from the SU-6.

    The interface also supports high sample rates, allowing you to enjoy your PCM files up to 32bit 384kHz and DSD512 (via I2S).

    This SU-6 from Singxer mainly integrates 4 important novelties compared to the other models of the range:

    Integrated CPLD with pre-shaping technology. Source synchronization technology via FPGA to correct the I2S signal and eliminate jitter.
    New FPGA algorithm. The FIFO buffer buffers the data before output, and the output is re-encoded by the FPGA. The Coaxial output can thus support streams up to PCM 384kHz and DSD DoP128.
    Use of Crystek CCHD-957 femtosecond oscillators with constant-temperature system and ultra-low noise super-capacitor power supply technology. Allows to significantly improve the stability of the clock signal.
    All circuits adopt synchronous clock design, and the USB clock is synthesized by a PLL derived from the femtosecond clock.
    The SU-6's power supply circuitry is particularly neat, using super-capacitors and 6 LDO low noise, fast response. The digital audio circuitry and clock system use independent LDOs to ensure a clean signal.

    - Product type: Digital interface
    - Clock: Crystek CCHD-957 Femtosecond

    - Input: 1x USB-B 2.0
    - Outputs: 1x SPDIF Coaxial, 1x SPDIF BNC, 1x SPDIF Optical Toslink, 1x AES/EBU, 1x I2S RJ45, 2x I2S, HDMI LVDS, 1x MCLK/WCK
    - Supported sampling rates I2S : PCM up to 32bit 384kHz, Native DSD up to DSD512
    - SPDIF & AES/EBU : PCM up to 24bit 384kHz, DSD up to DSD128 (DoP)
    - Optical Toslink : PCM up to 24bit 192kHz, DSD64 (DoP)
    - WCLK : PCM up to 768kHz

    - Compatibility: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 (driver needed), MacOS 10.6 and later  versions, Linux with UAC2 Android 4.2 kernel and later versions (OTG support)

    - Dimensions: 233 x 185.6 x 58.4mm
    - Weight 1.6kg
    - Color Black

  • 1x Singxer SU-6
    1x USB Cable
    1x Power supply