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Singxer SU2

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  • Singxer SU2 USB Digital Interface, isolator, Femtosecond Clock

    This is the second version of SINGXER SU digital interface. It gains more computation power and can now handle digital streams up to 768kHz 32-bit PCM & DSD1024 - namely thanks to the introduction of ultra-high precision Accusilicon clocks.

    Product Description: 

    - As any true platform for digital audio connectivity, SINGXER SU-2 significantly expands the scope of your USB digital sources (PC, streamers, smartphones etc ...) and allows a connection via SPDIF (coax), I2S (LVDS HDMI), or even AES / EBU to your DAC, DSP or FDA.

    - Its electronic components as well as its architecture (FPGAs with dual clock) allowing it to offer high-performance audio while covering all requirements for a connection within a high-fidelity system.

    - It also features complete isolation (150 Mbps isolation chip) to cancel any interference if the source does not already have an isolated USB connector. The isolation chip itself is then corrected by an FPGA circuit in order not to cause additional jitter during the operation.

    - The main novelty of this second version rests in the use of a pair of Accusilicon clocks. This extremely low-phase noise crystal oscillator (less than 90dBc @ 10Hz) is intended for professional recording equipment as well as audiophile electronics. These models offer a remarkably low jitter rate measured 0.2ps on the 10Hz-1MHz band and 0.071ps on the 12-80MHz band. This is a reference component in the audiophile world because of its excellent precision and stability.

    - To go even further, the SU-2 provides a clock input (10 MHz) on a standard 50Ohm socket compatible with most of the TC clock, GPDSO, and even atomic clocks models. In this mode, the SU-2 can also function as a frequency converter (10 MHz to 44.1 - 384kHz).

    - Reciprocally, the device is able to export its own clock output via an SP/CLK (BNC) connector. It can thus operate in master mode for any device with a clock input. In its autonomous clock mode, the SU-2 in Singxer is capable of generating a clock signal of 44.1 kHz to 384kHz (sample clock) or a signal to 22.5792Mhz 49.152Mhz (master clock). The circuit enables its standalone external clock mode whenever the USB connector is disconnected.

  • Specifications

    Product type: USB digital interface
    ACCUSILICON AS-318B series precision clock

    Sampling rate supported: PCM via SPDIF & AES / EBU: Up to 192kHz
    PCM via I2S & WCLK: Up to 768kHz
    DSD via SPDIF & AES / EBU: DSD64 DoP Fashion
    DSD via I2S: native DSD1024

    - Connections
    Input: 1x USB 2.0-B, 1x Clock 10MHz
    Outputs: 1x Coaxial SPDIF (RCA), 1x BNC, 1x I2S through HDMI, 1x AES / EBU, 1x MCLK / WCK (clock)

    - OS compatibility
    Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 - Installing drivers needed, MacOS 10.6 and later, Linux with kernel UAC2, Android 4.2 and later - Supports OTG function

    - Dimensions
    233mm x 186mm x 59mm (with legs and connectors)

  • Singxer SU2 x 1
    USB Cable x 1
    Power Cable x 1