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QDC Dmagic Solo

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Package Content

  • Features:-

    >Full-Frequency Dynamic Driver.

    >Patented Dmagic Turbo Acoustic Technology.

    >3D-Printed acoustic cavity.

    >Exquisite design with Ergonomic shape.

    >High-quality silver-plated copper cable with Interchangeable termination plug.

    >Natural & Pure Sound tuning.

    Remarkable Sound Performance, Thanks To A Powerful Dynamic Driver:-

    QDC has equipped the Dmagic Solo with a powerful full-range dynamic driver. It produces a deep-hitting bass response to satisfy your hunger for bass, feeds you well with rich and lush vocals, and greets you with a smooth, non-fatiguing high-frequency response. It helps the pair achieve low distortion in the output signal.

    Patented Dmagic Turbo Mirror Technology:-

    QDC has featured its patented Dmagic Turbo Mirror Virtual Supercharge Acoustic technology on the Dmagic Solo. The pair has a 3D printed acoustic cavity structure that helps the pair achieve lower distortion ratings in the output signal. This technology enables the pair to produce a deep-diving bass response similar to that of large-sized dynamic drivers.

    Stunning Design With 3D Printed Ear Shells:-

    QDC Dmagic Solo features premium 3D-printed shells with transparent inner cavities and designer face covers. The pair has a light blue tone to the transparent cavity and the outer face cover has a beautiful gradient blue finish with a lighting design that adds a rich factor to the pair.

    High-Quality Silver-Plated Cable With Swappable termination Plugs:-

    A high-purity silver-plated cable comes as a stock with QDC Dmagic Solo. This cable has swappable termination plugs with 4.4mm Bal, 2.5mm Bal, and 3.5mm single-ended termination plugs included in the package.

  • Sensitivity : 98dB SPL/mW
    Frequency response :10Hz-30000Hz
    Driver Units: 1 Dynamic driver
    Noise isolation: 26dB
    Monitor plug: 3 in 1 plug-in type replaceable plug
    Cable: Solo DM
    Shell color: Blue
    Technical feature: Full range dynamic driver, Dmagic Turbo patented technology Classification: Universal Recommend: Monitoring and audiophiles

  • QDC DMagic Solo x 1
    QDC Cables x 1
    Silicone Eartips (S/M/L) x 1
    Carrying Case x 1