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Phatlab Chimera

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The earphone industry has experienced dramatic change. Market opportunity has motivated stunning minuscule drivers emerged with diversified operation principles. The whole industry is compelled to face the challenge and no exception in Phatlab. And Chimera is one of our answers to the trend.

New Features
 - 4.4mm balanced and 3.5mm SE outputs
 - Seamlessly switchable Triode and JFET gain stage
 - Current feedback output stage with extremely low distortion and high current capability

  • A groundbreaking innovation-Triode/JFET dual mode amplifier
    For the first time, a portable amplifier is equipped with both electron tube and solid-state JFET as major gain devices. Instead of remove and replace process, either device is activated through a simple toggle switch and into action immediately. It is achieved through an innovative circuit topology to embed both devices exactly in the same location of signal path. When switching between JFET and Tube, it is easy to tell the difference between the two. Tube brings a smoother and emotional touch in the music, while JFET is more pronounced and powerful in each note. It is all up to user’s taste and scenario to choose from. And Chimera is named after its dual (tube and JFET) characteristics in one chassis.

    Quieter, Purer, Greener and yet more Powerful
    The improvement of Chimera is far more than functional change. The new architecture and physical implementation delivers a lower noise floor. All the switches are outside signal path to eliminate potential downgrade on signal quality and soft switching scheme is adopted to reduce switching noise. The power efficiency is also improved for 30% less consumption in amplifier alone. The power reservoir is enhanced to same level as Sassy GT for most demanding scenario. And a new output stage is capable of dealing with heaviest load. Yet the phenomenal sound quality is well preserved without compromise.

    An amplifier redefines portability for both headphone and earphone Everyone familiar with Phatlab shall easily tell the origin of Chimera from Sassy. Chimera does inherit all the advantages of Sassy II and beyond. By adopting a new architecture, Chimera is capable of delivering 500 mA in each channel with output impedance less than 0.1 ohm and bandwidth beyond 100 kHz. Chimera can serve IEMs with complex drivers and crossover combination all the way up to planar headphones whopping over thousands of mW. Chimera is one of a kind amplifier enabling the mobility of all kinds of phones.

    A milestone in portable amplifier
    We are proud to say Chimera has surpassed its predecessors in every aspect with comprehensive design and broadest compatibility.

  • Specification (Amplifier)
    Frequency Response10 Hz – 100 kHz
    Output power (30 ohm)300 mW + 300 mW (3.5φ) 1000 mW + 1000 mW (4.4φ)
    Headphone impedance30 ohm – 600 ohm
    Gain SettingHi: 14dB (3.5φ), 20dB (4.4φ) Lo: 6dB (3.5φ), 12dB (4.4φ) Max. S/N Ratio>110 dB
    Power supply5V/1A via micro USB port
    Operation time (on battery)> 10 hours (amp alone) ~ 5 hours (amp + DAC)
    Charging time (>1A supply)Approx. 3 hours
    Dimensions (WxHxL)94 x 30.5 x 149 mm
    Net weight370g 

  • Content of Package
    1. Chimera amplifier
    2. Micro USB charging cable
    3. Chimera quick guide and warranty card