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Phatlab Chimera GT

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  • Chimera GT, in a similar enclosure as the original Chimera, is actually a wholly reinvented design. Starting from the idea of reengineering its power supply with vigorous 18650 cells and corresponding USB type-C quick charging port, the development ends up with a process of perfection for every detail including a balanced input and buffer stage, new topology of gain stage, and high power discrete output stage.

    New Features
    - Standard 18650 Li-ion Cell and USB type-C quick charging port
    -  4.4mm balanced buffered input
    - The improved linear gain stage
    GT grade discrete output stage with high power capability

    A groundbreaking innovation-Triode/JFET dual mode amplifier
    For the first time, a portable amplifier is equipped with both electron tube and solid-state JFET as major gain devices. Instead of the removing and replacing process, either device is activated through a simple toggle switch and into action immediately. It is achieved through an innovative circuit topology to embed both devices exactly in the same location of the signal path. When switching between JFET and Tube, it is easy to tell the difference between the two. Tube brings a smoother and emotional touch to the music, while JFET is more pronounced and powerful in each note. It is all up to the user’s taste and scenario to choose from. And Chimera is named after its dual (tube and JFET) characteristics in one chassis.

    High capacity 18650 cell and USB type-C quick charging port
    The adoption of 18650 cells has increased the power capacity of Chimera GT easily up to 2 times of Chimera. Following the capacity increase, a new USB Type-C charging scheme is necessary not to increase the charging time. For over 1.5A charging current, we are able to fully charge the cell within 3 hours. And the whole amplifier system also benefits from the high current supply of 18650 cells to have quicker and powerful slam at highly dynamic music passages.

    Balanced input stages
    Ever since the popularity of the 4.4mm balanced jack in portable music devices, there is a chance to take advantage of high signal integrity and transmission benefit. An issue with 4.4mm output is at the cable that always has only 4 connections and lack of ground terminals. By inserting a buffer stage, Chimera GT is able to restore the ground level of the source. This ensures Chimera GT is compatible with all the DAPs and cables with or without a 4.4mm ground connection.

    Discrete output stage
    Sassy GT, the predecessor of Chimera GT, is known for its unprecedented output capability in the portable sector. In the prevalence of IEMs, we certainly need only moderate power with the lowest noise floor. However, the discrete output stage inherited from Sassy GT still provides extreme stability and highly dynamic output under any circumstance.

  • Specification (Amplifier)
    Frequency Response5 Hz – 60 kHz (+0/-3 dB)
    Output power       600 mW + 600 mW (3.5φ)
    (30ohm@1Vrms in)    600 mW + 600 mW (4.4φ)
    Headphone impedance15 ohm – 600 ohm
    Gain Setting          Hi: 9dB (3.5φ), 9dB (4.4φ)
                                  Lo: 0dB (3.5φ), 3.5dB (4.4φ)
    Max. S/N Ratio    >110 dB (High gain)
    Power supply     5V/2A (USB type-C)
    Operation time    > 20 hours
    Charging time (1.5A supply)   Approx. 3 hours
    Dimensions (WxHxL)   94 x 30.5 x 149 mm
    Net weight 400 g

  • Phatlab Chimera GT x 1
    USB-C Charging Cable x 1
    Instruction Manual x 1