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Open Audio Witch Pro

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Witch Pro is an update to the Open Audio’s Japan-exclusive Witch IEMs. It’s a two-driver hybrid IEM bringing a combination of a dynamic as well as a balanced armature driver on each side. The pair houses beautifully designed hand-made ear shells in striking Purple color shells. Open Audio Witch Pro delivers quality sound with a super comfortable wearing experience!!

    • - Customized 9.2mm PU Ultra-soft Dynamic Driver & Customized BA Driver
      - Powerful Bass and Clean Treble
      - Harmonious and Natural Sound
      -Wicked and Ergonomic
      - Sturdy 4-Core OFC Cable

  • For Mobile Users of the Next Generation

    Updated from the co-branded IP of VTuber team「なるはる」and ODENAUDIO STUDIO, the Witch Pro is tailored for mobile devices with tuning catering to the younger. To make up for the limited radio spectrum available of mobile devices and the digital feel of highly compressed audio, Witch Pro has undergone special tunning that smooths and harmonizes the audio output, thus being able to output dynamic and rich-in-detail sound.

    Powerful Bass and Clean Treble

    The Witch Pro is equipped with Open Audio’s flagship product, the customized 9.2mm PU ultra-soft dynamic driver with updated super elastic suspension system, producing warm sound with amazing bass, while the customized BA driver of Witch Pro contributes to the treble quality and ensures a better frequency response across the whole audible range.

    Harmonious and Natural Sound

    With built-in passive voltage divider and bass filtering abled by the flexible low-frequency catheter of the customized BA driver, Witch Pro coordinate the works of BA driver and dynamic driver well to deliver true harmony. While the innovated OA003 plug further the great sound effect with 1-1.5DB improvement in 1KHZ-3KHZ and 10KHZ-20KHZ.

    Wicked and Ergonomic

    Adapting from the modern image of witches, the Witch Pro comes in Native Blue and Mysterious Purple to represent the naughty and natural curiosity of a forest-living damsel with magical power. Not just a pretty face, the Witch Pro is also an ergonomic earphone with designs fitting most people’s ear canal and plugs that can relieve the tiring of pro-longed wearing. Made of skin-friendly silicone, the tips enable stable wearing without adding too much pressure to the ear canal, contributing to noise-free and comfortable listening.

    Sturdy 4-Core OFC Cable

    Witch Pro use 4-core cables with OFC, 3.5mm gold-plated plug and 0.78mm sockets, making it durable and easy to use. A quality 3.5mm-6.35mm adapter is also included in the pack for professional equipment and other non-3.5mm devices.

  • Product name





    Customize 9.2mm dynamic & balanced armature driver

    Frequency division

    2-Channel & Physical


    110dB SPL(@1mw)


    20 Ohm(@1kHz)

    Frequency response







    4 Core OFC

  • 1 x OpenAudio Witch Pro Drivers
    1 x 2-Pin Cable
    1 x 1/8'' to 1/4'' Adapter
    1 x Silicone Eartips (S/ML)
    1 x Carrying Case
    1 x Instruction Manual