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1) Sound Frame Cushions - "Standard", "Transparent", "Bass" 
2) Premium Cable - Short, Long. XLR, 2.5mm Balanced, 4.4mm Balanced 


  • What the legendary AKG K1000 started, the Mysphere finishes…

    New materials, improved computer simulations, revolutionary measurement methods like psychoacoustics, artificial head (head and torso simulation), laser vibrometers and others opened new possibilities for the construction of acoustic devices. So the master minds behind the K 1000, Ryback and Renner, decided to apply their experiences to the development of the ultimate headphone – the MYSPHERE 3.
    1) Since the earphone is kind of levitating over the ear, the overall weight has been optimized to bit more than 320 g.
    2) All highly stressed external parts are either made of milled and anodized aluminium or stainless steel. These materials are extremely durable and corrosion-resistant.
    3) The internal materials and connectors are highly elastic and environmentally resistant, as well as attenuating body-borne noise. Durability was a main construction principle.
    4) The transducers are protected against dust and contact by an open-pored splash-water proof fabric.
    5) The electrical internal wiring is strictly symmetrical. Exact the same wire lengths no matter whether the cable is connected to the left or right side.
    All cables and wires are designed in a lightweight version to avoid the microphonics effect and to minimize the overall weight.

    • Style
      hovering next to the ears, fully open
    • Sensitivity
      96 dB / 1 mW RMS = 115 dB SPL/V eff. (at Ear-Drum Reference Point)
    • Maximum input power
      60 mW
    • Rated Impedance
      15 Ohms (MYSPHERE 3.1) or 110 Ohms (MYSPHERE 3.2)
    • Transducer type
    • Transducer size
      40 x 40 mm
    • Diaphragm
      squared, glass-foam enforced
    • Membrane excursion
      4 mm
    • Frequency response
      20 Hz – 40 kHz (-10 dB)
    • Magnetic structure
      radial, fully vented
    • Magnet type
      Neodymium N52
    • Magnet density
      1.5 T
    • Weight
      345 g (without cables)

  • MYSPHERE 3.1/3.2 
    Premium Audio Cable 
    Premium Sound Frame Cushions