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Luxury & Precision L3

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  • L3 portable balanced HIFI player
  • Portable HIFI players hard decoding a variety of DSD format
  • With a balanced interface, up to 110DB channel separation
  • Low backgroud noise, especially for high-sensitivity armature earphone
  • USB DAC function , don’t need additional driver

Better user interface

  • Music playback interface display more information about the music

More user-defined audio settings

  • there are 2 user-defined buttons at the  top of L3 , C1 and C2 ,  the user can easily set up a variety of functions: EQ, play mode, SPDIF, etc., quickly switch a variety of settings, enjoy the music freely

About 120DB low background noise


  • USB DAC function to make all kinds of mobile phones and computers become the sound source, and L3 becomes amp decoding machine

Through the L3, phones can be also balanced output

  • L3 with USB DAC amp functions as a decoding machine, in addition to through the Phone out, Line out and SPDIF out output, but also through balance output, so that audiophiles can enjoy the true balanced sound and no background noise .


  • Few of player can do 110DB (32 ohm load) separation index in the field of portable HIFI player

Hard decoding DSD format

  • L3 player hard decoding DIFF, DSF, DAT and ISO and other four DSD format music files

Dual DAC

  • Two classic old flagship DAC, CS4398 are working together both in single-side or balanced output

1812M coprocessor

  • 1812M coprocessor number crunching ability is the secret of L3 supports multiple file formats

Dual 1812A single crown amp

  • Dual Crown 1812A single amp, even if the load is less than 32 ohms, even with large power consumption headphones, two 1812A single crown op amps can easily deal with, provide excellent THD performance

Dual 18120 single crown amp

  • Dual 18120 single crown amp, especially optimized for the sense of earphones’ hearing, at the same time, four-channel meets the separation of balance earphones

Real full balance

  • L3 not only  LPF input and output balanced , amp inputs and outputs are fully balanced, and the left and right channel DAC chip is separated, even DAC digital inputs are separated
  • Dual DAC, dual op amp, this is the real full balance

Femtosecond Times

  • Since Luxury & Precision LP5,crystal jitter no more than 1 picosecond, that is to say L3 already entered the era of femtosecond

MLC Flash

  • Use long-life 24BIT ECCC MLC FLASH, endurance of more than 5,000, while normal T card endurance less than 500 times

Barrel Theory

  • Capacitance: Murata X7R high capacity ESR MLCC
  • Inductance: TAIYO electromagnetic inductance

OGS touch sense

  • OGS single -layer glass touch screen greatly enhance the touch effect, strengthen the effect of the translucent screen and reducing the overall thickness at the same time

6 series of aluminum-magnesium alloy + CNC

  • 6 series of magnesium alloy is an important material for modern military and aerospace industries, with high strength, light weight, L3 shell adopts the whole 6 series aluminum magnesium alloy after processed by CNC cutting, grinding, drilling, drawing, oxidation

Carbon fiber backplane

  • L3 backplane composition by a 1.5 mm thick Toray carbon fiber material, matte process, modest luxury

Interface :

  • 1 X PO (3.5 mm) Interface
  • 1 X Balance OUT (2.5mm) Interface
  • 1 X Line Out / SPDIF OUT (3.5mm) Interface
  • 1 X TF card slot / USB DAC interface


  • Model: L3
  • Screen Size:3.5inch
  • Screen: resolution 480 * 320 OGS full lamination capacitive screen
  • Master: 1812C
  • DAC chip: Cissur Logic flagship professional D / A chip CS4398
  • Crystal: 1PPM TCXO
  • Op: 1812O
  • Amp: 1812A
  • Coprocessor: 1812M
  • Power management chip: 1812P
  • Inductance: TAIYO electromagnetic inductance
  • Filter capacitor: ESR MLCC Murata
  • Buttons: ALPS buttons
  • Built-in storage: 16GB
  • Audio Format Support:MP3,WMA,WAV,OGG,FLAC
  • Extended Capacity: 128GB TF card support (need to be formatted as FAT 3 file system 32G)
  • Life time: about 10 hours single-ended output, balanced output about 8 hours
  • Charging standard: DC input voltage range of 4.8-5.2V, the power adapter is recommended to use the maximum output current of 1.5A or above adapter

Output interface:

  • 3.5mm single-ended headphone jack;
  • 2.5mm headphone jack balance;
  • 3.5mm Line Out / SPDIF output interface;
  • USB data / charging / USB DAC interfaces
  • Crafts: 6 series aluminum-magnesium alloy body, CNC integrated molding process, surface anodic oxidation brushed and sandblasting processing, back cover for carbon fiber CNC machining, 6 layer immersion gold PCB
  • Dimensions: 60 * 114 * 15.2mm
  • Weight: 165g
  • Note: All Battery capability information depends on play settings and many other factors, the actual results may different


  • L3 music player
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Screen protective film
  • Leather case


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