Kefine Klanar

The Klanar boasts a renowned 14.5mm planar driver, celebrated for its versatility and ability to excel across various music genres. This high-fidelity earphone is widely appreciated for its well-balanced sound profile, striking the perfect emotional and natural tone. It brings acoustic instruments to life with astonishingly lifelike and profoundly musical qualities.

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Kefine Klanar
Kefine Klanar Sale price$175.00 SGD
What You Are Getting
  • 1x Klanar earphone
  • 1x Hard carrying case
  • UV eartip in size L/M/S: 3 pairs(With big holes for transparent sound)
  • Silicone eartip in size L/M/S: 3 pairs(With small holes for more bass)