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Jomo Audio GT600 Gran Tourer

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  • A crossover of motorsport inspiration and IEM design The GT600 Grand Tourer is the newest flagship IEM and the fifth IEM model release since Jomo Audio’s re-brand with motorsport inspiration concept in 2021. Jomo Audio innovatively blended new material, manufacturing technics, and design ideas into the solid in-house IEM electro-acoustic design. Delivering a unique, robust high-end IEM for zealots audiophiles.

    Superior Tri-brid Electro-Acoustic Design Structure The GT600 Gran Tourer is packed with a powerful 12 drivers electro-acoustic design structure under its hood. Three types of drivers are masterfully blended together to reproduce music in harmony. Jomo Audio aimed to provide audiophiles a powerful and energetic listening experience with vivid vocals and instruments. A lot of air in the high provides a great sense of space.

    Sporting 4 Electrostatic drivers from Sonion with 6 balanced armature drivers from Knowles and Sonion connected to the special 10mm co-axial dual-diaphragm dynamic driver through a 6 ways passive crossover circuit. The Super Carbon Nanotube Diaphram in the dynamic driver moved by more than 1 Tesla in magnetic filed, given an ultra-low distortion and yet powerful bass production.

    With all its technical marvels, the GT600 provides a very resolving and ear-catching sound signature for the audiophile.

  • Specifications
    - Unibody Forged Carbon Fiber Chassis (UIEM Only)
    - 4 Sonion Electrostatics (Super High)
    - 6 Sonion/Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers (2 Low-Mids, 2 Mid-Highs, 2 Highs)
    - 2 Tesla Dynamic Driver with electronic tuned phase adjustment
    - 10mm Co-Axial Dual Diaphragm (CADD)
    - Super Carbon Nanotube (SCNT) Diaphragm
    - 6 ways passive crossover
    - 4 sound bores
    - Frequency Range: 10Hz ~ 80kHz

  • Jomo Audio GT600 Gran Tourer x 1
    2-Pin Cable x 1
    Silicone Eartips (S/M/L) x 1
    Carrying Case x 1