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Hippocase for 8XX

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Bespoke HippoCase for Sennheiser HD 800, HD800 S, HD820 and more…

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  • Durable travel case to store your Sennheiser HD800, HD800S, HD820, or any full-size headphones from your beloved collection.

    Hippocase for 8XX is a renewed design from the brand. Although the hard shell inner compartment is specially machine mounded for Sennheiser HD 8XX, you can find this case fits a lot of your other full-size headphones perfectly and securely. Crafted from durable material and featuring a tasteful gray nylon fabric cover, this case provides reliable protection against crushing, bumps, scratches, splash, and dust. The light-colored lining is stain-resistant and suitable for all colors of headphones. It also includes a separate storage space and soft pouch for your charging cable, as well as a ziplock soft pouch for your other audio accessories, preventing any scratch on your headphone.

    With a weight of just 300g / 0.66lb (approximately equal to one iPhone 12 Pro Max) and a thickness of 13cm / 5.1" (about a palm’s width), the Hippocase for 8XX adds no extra burden whether you carry it in your hands, backpack, suitcase, or even hang it on a strap or hook. It's a versatile choice for travel, class, or work.

    Made from advanced safety materials, this hard travel case has passed authoritative quality inspections. We have also implemented a special process to ensure that this headphone case is odor-free, making it environmentally friendly and harmless.

    (Note: Sennheiser headphones and accessories are not included)

  • Nylon fabric cover hard care with machine mounded internal compartment 

  • 1 x Hippocase for 8XX
    1 x Soft Cable Pouch
    1 x Accessories Zip Pouch
    1 pair x (Fenestrated) Lambskin Earpads (Optional)