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FitEar TG335

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Package Content
  • FitEar TG335 x 1 pair
  • FitEar Cable 013 3.5mm Stereo x 1
  • Mesh Pouch x 1
  • Cleaning Tool x 1
  • Cable Clip x 1
  • Pelican Case 1010 x 1

  • Professional sound now more affordable
    FitEar custom ear monitor provides a wide dynamic range and well-balanced sound with custom shape to fit everyone's ear and multi-driver unit. Our ear monitors are renowned for their high sound fidelity in the professional music industry like musicians, artists and sound engineers.

    “FitEar TO GO 335” is based on the custom-ear monitor MH335DW with the same driver scheme that is designed for bass players/drummers focused on the highest amount of information and linearity in the lower frequency. However “FitEar TO GO 335” is a universal type ear monitor you can use ordinal ear-tips.

    "FitEar TO GO 335” employs the improved oval shape 3way stem design that is composed of pure titanium direct-HF tube for high frequency driver and a patented stem independent ports for each of low, low-mid drivers. They provide the same superior sound quality as a custom ear monitor.

    Professional golden ear supports FitEar sound
    FitEar takes Mitsuharu Harada as a sound making adviser; he is renowned Japanese sound engineer as a master of groove sound. We use large studio monitor as a reference of our sound.

    Mitsuharu Harada profile
    One of the leading mastering engineer since analogue cutting of record engineering. Mitsuo Harada contributes many CD mastering, Tatsuro Yamashita, Mariya Takeuch, Yuuji Fukuyama, Crazy-Ken band or more.


    Designed to fully reproduce the sound quality of the custom ear monitor

    Full-size BA unit
    The same full-size balanced armature drivers and configuration as the FitEar MH335DW. The woofer unit, largest in size and needs to be improved in linearity, is doubled. However still keeps compact size for comfort.
    Patented improved stem design now even better
    Our proprietary oval shaped 3way stem design eliminates interference between units by separating each sound tube for each frequency. The new design fits more various ear canal shapes.
    Patented pure titanium direct-HF tube
    "Direct-HF tube" for high frequency optimizes frequency responses, reproducing high spacious sound by reducing high frequency roll off. Detachable earphone cable
    FitEar TO GO 335 employs detachable earphone cable that ensures replacing cable in case of trouble. No need to worry about cable failure.

    Patented unique design
    Custom ear monitor consisting of custom shell and multiple driver units controlled in balanced sound quality by having individual sound guide tubes for each unit. Universal ear monitor on the other hand, requires a single tube or very narrow tubes for the sake of the restricted size of ear-tip stem.

    However, this type of approach decreases high-frequency response with unwanted frequency peaks produces interference of driver units, reducing transparency and details of the original sound.

    When introducing ToGo!334 universal ear monitor, FitEar invented and earned patent for the 3way stem design including pure titanium direct-HF tube and separate low/mid-low dedicated sound guide tubes.

    Furthermore ToGo!335 employs oval shaped stem to reproduce rich sound and wide frequency response same as the custom ear monitor, as well as the new stem ensures more versatile universal fitting.

  • UNIT   balanced armature driver 3Way / 3Unit / 5Driver(Low-2 / Low・Mid-2 / High-1)
    Cable FitEar cable 013 3.5mm Stereo mini-plug

  • Accessory
    Pelican 1010 Micro Case x 1
    Eartips (S/M/L) x 1 set
    Cleaning brush  x 1
    Cable Clip x 1
    Mesh pouch x 1