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FitEar TG334

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Package Content
  • FitEar TG334 x 1 pair
  • FitEar Cable 013 3.5mm Stereo x 1
  • Mesh Pouch x 1
  • Cleaning Tool x 1
  • Cable Clip x 1
  • Pelican Case 1010 x 1

  • Make FitEar sounds more accessible

    "FitEar TG334" is a universal type earphone based on the custom ear monitor "MH334 Studio Reference" that is used by many professionals on stage and in the studio. The patented structure incorporates a titanium "direct HF tube" that suppresses high-frequency attenuation and at the same time gives each unit an independent port and eliminates interference between units, and has an oval stem cross-section in consideration of the shape of the ear canal. The "Oval 3Way Stem" fits a wide range of earholes of different sizes and shapes. It provides the same sound as a custom earphone.

    Same full size BA unit as custom IEM

    In a compact universal housing manufactured by a 3D printer, the same full-size balanced armature driver used in custom ear monitors is placed in the same configuration.

    FitEar's unique structure that realizes 3 ways

    A unique structure (patented) incorporating a pure titanium "direct HF tube" that prevents high-frequency attenuation and at the same time realizes a 3-way structure makes it possible to set independent ports for each unit in a thin stem.

    Oval stem considering the shape of the ear canal

    The shape of the ear tip is further optimized by the stem with an elliptical cross section in consideration of the shape of the ear canal. It supports a wide range of ear hole shapes and sizes that vary from person to person, improving fit and sound insulation.

    Original oval 3Way stem

    In the custom ear monitor, the sound quality balance is highly controlled by setting individual sound conduits and sound guide holes for each unit. On the other hand, in ordinary earphones that use ear tips, the cross-sectional area is limited by the stem (the part of the shaft where the ear tips are attached), so the sound conduit is thinned and the sound guide holes are combined into one in front of the stem. Must be one. However, this method causes interference between units, attenuation of wide-area frequencies, and unnecessary peaks associated with it, which may hinder the audible muffled feeling, poor omission, and the air feeling originally contained in the reproduced sound.
    In the TG334, in addition to the special structure (patented) that suppresses high-frequency attenuation with a pure titanium direct HF tube and at the same time provides independent sound conduits / sound guide holes to each unit in the high-frequency, mid-low range, and low range. Uses an "oval 3-way stem" with an oval cross-sectional shape. Along with expanding the applicable range of ear hole size / shape, we have realized a reproduced sound that is thick and has a wide range, similar to custom.

  • Product Specifications


    Balanced armature type driver


    3Way / 3Unit / 4Driver (Low 1 / Low-Mid 2 / High 1)


    FitEar cable 013 (3.5mm stereo mini plug)


    Shell: blue Face plate: French gray

  • FitEar TG334 x 1
    FitEar Cable 013 x 1
    Silicone Eartips (S/M/L) x 1