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FitEar Silver

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Package Content
  • FitEar Silver x 1 pair
  • FitEar Cable 007 3.5mm Stereo x 1
  • Mesh Pouch x 1
  • Cleaning Tool x 1
  • Cable Clip x 1
  • Pelican Case 1010 x 1
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  • "1+1 approach" that makes the most of full-range units
    A "1+1 approach" that slightly reinforces the high frequency range in the full-range unit, which was obtained with the hybrid configuration model that started with the "FitEar Air" released in 2015. FitEar Silver was developed based on this concept to maximize the attractiveness of the driver. The full-range unit adopted in FitEar Silver has few peaks in the mid-high range even with a balanced armature type, and even a single unit expresses the entire music. By adding a tweeter here, it gives a sense of space and depth, and realizes smooth playback without stagnation in specific bands that was difficult to avoid with conventional multi-units.

    FitEar Original Oval Horn Stem
    The oval horn stem was born from a unique technology that realizes the original shielding and sound quality balance that was envisioned at the time of custom design, with an elliptical cross section that is conscious of the shape of the ear canal and a horn-shaped nozzle that suppresses attenuation of high frequencies. Design. The standard ear tip comes with "SednaEarfit SE1000", which has excellent followability to the shape of the ear hole. Available in 6 sizes, SS, S, MS, M, ML, and L, it supports a wide range of ear canal sizes, and offers both a stable fit that does not cause fatigue even after long periods of use, and high sound insulation.

    Attached cable is FitEar cable 007
    FitEar cable 007, which suppresses peaks while providing a wide range and conveys rich musical expression without obstructing the sound source, is used as the attached cable.

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  • FitEar Silver x 1
    FitEar Cable x 1
    Silicone Eartips (S/M/L) x 1
    Cable Clip x 1
    Cleaning Brush x 1
    Carry Case x 1