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FitEar Silence

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Leadtime 3-4 weeks time

String Option

  • Comfortable fit
    Earplugs Fit Ear Silence Born from Hearing Aid Manufacturing Technology

    In the case of general earplugs, the earplugs are pushed into the ear canal and the elasticity of the material is used to close the ear. As a result, pressure is constantly applied to the ears, which can cause pain and fatigue if worn for a long time. In addition, since there are few surfaces that come into contact with the inside of the ear canal, earplugs may slip or come off.

    Fit Ear Silence is a custom-made earplug made by taking an ear shape. Made of soft silicone, it fits gently over the entire ear canal, disperses the pressure on the ear, and suppresses pain and fatigue even after long-term use. In addition, you can use it comfortably in all situations without worrying about the earplugs slipping or coming off due to the movement of your chin.

    Selectable colors
    Choose your favorite color with various color variations
    From bright pop colors to cool colors, Silicone Fit Ear Silence lets you choose your favorite color that fits your style from a total of 20 color variations.
    **Colors may look different between the photo and the actual product. Please be forewarned.

    String settings
    Connect the left and right earplugs with a long string to prevent troubles such as the left and right earplugs falling apart and only one being lost. You can also use it by hanging it around your neck when you want to remove it temporarily.

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  • FitEar Silence x 1pair
    Instruction Manual x 1