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FitEar MH334SR

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Package Content
  • FitEar MH334SR x 1 pair
  • FitEar Cable 013 3.5mm Stereo x 1
  • Mesh Pouch x 1
  • Cleaning Tool x 1
  • Cable Clip x 1
  • Pelican Case 1010 x 1

  • While maintaining the excellent sound balance of the MH334, the network has been optimized for the purpose of expanding the frequency range and improving the mid-low range resolution. We pursued a sound with high texture and presence.

    About Studio Reference
    Custom ear monitors are designed for use on stage at concerts, and in recent years, their use in the music production process, including recording, mixing, and mastering, is expanding.
    In order to provide more accurate monitoring for these studio uses, with the cooperation of Yuji Sugiyama, Dub Master X and other professional users, we aimed to expand the high frequency range and improve the mid-low range resolution of FitEar MH334 and MH335DW. I did the setup.

    Comment from recording engineer Yuji Sugiyama
    I've been using the FitEar MH335DW in my studio and live recordings for several years now. Thanks to the double woofer and excellent sound insulation performance, it prevented me from raising the monitor volume too much even during harsh recordings such as on the side of the stage or on the FOH side, and I was also freed from ringing in my ears after recording.
    I participated in the development of this Studio Reference with feedback on sound quality and ideas for parts. Aiming to be a "monitor that can be used for checking mixes", it is an easy-to-use monitor with improved resolution not only at high volume in live performances but also at volume levels used in ordinary studios.

  • Shell & Faceplate color
    Transparent / Transparent / Red Tip / Transparent / Blue Tip / Red / Blue / Black / Grape / Sapphire / Sky Blue / Topaz / Emerald / Cherry Pink / French Gray/ Clear Orange


    You can enter the characters specified by the customer at the top of the shell. Up to 8 alphanumeric characters can be specified, and the left and right can be specified individually. Please note that illustrations, logos, special characters, and symbols cannot be used.
    *Please note that the colors of characters are only those specified by us and cannot be selected by the customer.

  • Balanced amateur driver 3Way / 3Unit / 4Driver
    Low-1 / Low / Mid-2 / High-1

    Cable - FitEar cable 007 (3.5mm 3-pole stereo mini plug)

  • MH334SR x 1 pair
    Pelican Case

    Soft case
    Cleaning Brush