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Empire Ears RAVEN

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Stocks arriving End of August 2023.

Experience audio perfection with the Raven Universal IEMs from Empire Ears. These in-ear monitors deliver unparalleled sound quality and supreme comfort, making every note come alive. Elevate your listening experience with Raven IEMs today!


  • - 12 Driver Quadbrid, Dual Conduction Flagship
    - Dual W9+ Subwoofers
    - Five Proprietary Balanced Armature Drivers
    - Quad Electrostatic Tweeters
    - W10 Bone Conduction Ultra Driver
    - Proprietary Multi-Point synX Crossover Network

  • Arguably the most novel bone conduction implementation ever, Empire Ears gift Raven one of Head-Fi's most futuristic transducers ever, alongside other tried and tested technologies for incredible results beyond 2023.

    W10 makes its appearance again here. After finding great success on its debut with Legend Evo, this Empire Ears bone conduction driver complements the air conduction of its supporting cast, giving you sound you can feel as much as you hear.

    W10 employs a Japanese-made pure copper voice coil optimised for accuracy in frequency and transient response, with extreme attention paid to its linearity, ultra low distortion and efficient heat dissipation.

    Empire Ears managed to harness even more of the awesome power of W10 in Raven with a Harmonic Resonance Core built below its 316L stainless steel faceplate. The purpose-built polymer Harmonic Resonance Core Vibrations reverberates to W10's beat, culminating within an internal polymer basin that holds the plate.

    This arrangement, boosted by the metal plate, elevates the effect of bone conduction. W10's vibrations manifest tangibly, enriching the bass and treble with unprecedented depth, extension, and clarity, and thereby unifying the Raven's entire performance.

    It aids in the resonance, amplification, and dispersion of sound waves, synergising with other elements to achieve a distinctive sound signature and optimise Raven's acoustic performance.

  • Driver

    1 x bone conduction driver;
    2 x 9mm bass drivers;
    5 x mid balanced armatures;
    4 x electrostatic tweeters


    2 Ohms

    Frequency response



    108dB SPL/1mW


    1 x 4.4mm

  • TBA