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Empire Ears EVO

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Comes in Pentaconn 4.4mmm Balanced only

  • The tri-brid treatment happens with the addition of Weapon X: a bone conduction driver mounted in Evo's shell to complement the air conduction of two W9+ dynamic drivers and five balanced armatures, tying each performer altogether.

    With the work done in Evo, it's easy to see, hear and feel why bone conduction is heralded as the next big breakthrough in personal audio. Weapon X adds palpability, presence, and realism to the vast soundstages and incredible authority its Legend X predecessor guaranteed.

    By stimulating hairs directly in your inner ear over the entire frequency response, Evo's Weapon X uses the natural construction of human hearing to ensure no loss in the transmission of sound, especially at the infrasonic and ultrasonic extremes.

    Empire Ears takes bone conduction to new heights with Weapon X. The vibrating conduit turning Evo's actual shell into a transducer is on a qualitative par with whatever's come before, with proprietary ARC (Anti-Resonance Compound) canceling out artifacts and distortion.

    W10 employs a Japanese-made pure copper voice coil optimized for accuracy in frequency and transient response. The consistency of winding tension, density of enamel, adhesive application techniques, dimensions, and copper compositions were all factors that were essential for linearity, ultra-low distortion, and efficient heat dissipation.

    Constructed from steel and laser-welded into place, each and every variable was critical during the Empire Ears design of W10. It's an Evo take on the technology that leads bone conduction to its zenith, bringing you along for the ride.

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