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Eletech Ode To Laura

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  • Drawing experience from “Aeneid” and “Socrates” as well as special configurations like the “Tyrian”, Eletech took the accumulation of R&D and expertise to develop an all-new “Ode To Laura”, building it afresh from the ground up, introducing new geometry and shielding method that has yet to be implemented before, resulting in a stunning new-gen Copper flagship.

    ”Ode To Laura” broke through Eletech norms and supersedes Eletech’s cable philosophy, bringing it to a whole new realm of performance with the newly developed 9Core geometry system and the first 22AWG configuration to be offered within Eletech’s repertoire. Housed within the Flagships of Eletech ‘Parnassus’, the “Ode To Laura” features a fully maxed, triple bespoke copper configuration in 22AWG geometry. Holding more than twice as many materials as a regular 24AWG GPS configuration, it is essentiallyan8-wire configuration culminated into a 4-wire setup

  • Specifications

    • 22 AWG, 4 Wire
    • Triple Bespoke Premium OCC Copper Blend
    • Quadruple Stranding Design
    • 9 Interior Core Litz, Kevlar Infused
    • OFC Shielding
    • Cryogenically Treated
    • Eletech Bespoke Solder
    • Eletech Customised Y-Split and Connectors
    • FlexiMax Insulation

    • ELETECH Ode to Laura x 1
      Carrying Case x 1