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Elemental Sherlock

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Package Content

Upgradable dual-mono balanced configuration
Bridgeable 4x output power
6AK5 military grade vacuum tubes
High capacity power reservoir and audio grade passive components

  • Following the tradition of Elemental Amps, Sherlock is designed for a no-compromise performance at a very affordable price. During the design process, we took further steps to make Sherlock modular and expandable, from a stereo amp to a fully balanced amplifier. We are pleased that we succeeded in producing the Sherlock with unprecedented driving capability and musicality at a very cost-effective price point.

    (Bridged circuitry convert single-ended signal into balanced ones)

    To reach this goal, we trimmed all unnecessary features and cosmetics. We then focused on Sherlock’s core competence - the amplification. The kernel of Sherlock is a class-A tube gain stage that dominates the sound quality with the tubes unique signature. This is followed by a single-ended class-A MOSFET power stage to provide plenty of current for demanding headphones.

    Sherlock’s uniqueness is the added bridged circuits ahead of the main amp. These circuits when activated converts input signals into balanced (positive plus negative polarities) format and feeds to the left and right channels. This special design feature turns a tandem pair of Sherlock into a truly stereo balanced amplifier.

    Sherlock is the first bridgeable headphone amplifier and audiophiles can enjoy the single chassis first and subsequently upgrade to double chassis for balanced performance. The audiophile with their numerous headphone collection will find the Sherlock to be a timeless investment.
  • Specifications

    Frequency Response

    5Hz – 50 kHz (-3dB)

    Output power

    1000 mW + 1000 mW (60 ohm)

    Headphone impedance

    16 ohm – 600 ohm

    Max. Input Voltage

    2V (RMS)


    1 pair RCA


    1 x 1/4” TRS

    Power supply

    30V/0.8A power adaptor


    16 x 14 x 4.5 cm

    Net weight

    850 g

  • Elemental Sherlock Amplifier x 1