EarrBond EBT Metal Series

EarrBond hybrid earbud brings the benefit of the silicone earbud together with memory foam.
The hybrid form would provide

• Smooth insertion into ear canal.
• Cleanable silicone shell.
• No more greasiness memory foam.

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Material: Gold plated OFC
Size: Small

EarrBOND's EBT Metal series is a hybrid design with metal tube, memory  foam  and silicone shell

The series consists with three sizes

  • Small
  • Asian-fit 
  • Standard

The metal tube consist will two materials

  • Gold plated OFC (Oxygen free copper)
  • Passivated stainless steel

Products selection:

OFC tubing: 

  • Gold plated is used to avoid rusting and skin irritation.
  • Thanks to the mechanical properties of gold and copper. The combination of those soft metals provide good intensity and soft touch on high, mid and low frequency. 
  • Screw thread is introduced inside the tube. The reflection helps to keep the sound in control. 

Stainless steel tubing:

  • 304 medical grade steel is used and it undergoes for passivation treatment to prevent rusting
  •  Due to the hardness of the material, the sound signature will go further solid and full body experience. 
  • With the help of the screw thread, we keep the sound in good control to enjoy. 
EarrBond EBT Metal Series
EarrBond EBT Metal Series Sale price$45.40 SGD
What You Are Getting

EarrBond EBT Metal Eartips x 2pairs