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Cayin N7

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Built of 128 individual resistors and original DSP work carried on a FPGA, the fully-balanced, differential, 1-bit discrete DAC in N7 is proprietary Cayin through and through.

Cayin doesn't differentiate between CD rips, Hi-Res downloads and Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music streaming. The Android 12, Google Play Store N7 converts all your normal PCM playback into DSD. All formats are then passed as DSD through N7's precise 1-bit decode, before signal flows on to a balanced 4.4mm discrete transistor headphone amplifier biased into Class A.

    • Discrete fully-balanced 1-Bit Resistor Network “DSD” DAC
    • Discrete fully-balanced Low Pass Filter with BJT driver
    • Discrete fully-balanced Headphone Amplifier with JFET input stage and BJT amplification.
    • FPGA/Audio Bridge to re-shape, de-jitter and transcode/oversample PCM to DSD512
    • Dual Amplification Mode (Choice of Class A/Class AB)
    • High Quality “unamplified” single-ended and balanced Line Out
    • Unique variable-voltage single-ended and balanced Pre Out
    • 4-ch resistor ladder electronic controlled analog volume from JRC
    • Decode DSD512 natively; support PCM up to 32bit/768kHzk; 16x MQA decoder
    • Headphone Outputs: 3.5mm Single Ended and 4.4mm Balanced
    • Shared Line and Pre Output: 3.5mm Single Ended and 4.4mm Balanced
    • Digital Interface: USB In, USB Out, Coaxial Output, I2S Output.
    • Snapdragon 665 CPU, 4G RAM, 64G Internal, 1xTF card (up to 1TB)
    • Android 12 with Google Play preinstalled, streaming ready
    • DTA bypass Android SRC, Hi-Res playback to all applications
    • Dual Band Wifi: 2.4G/5G.
    • 9000mAh Battery with a duration of 6 to 10 hours.
    • 5" TFT multi-point touch screen.

  • 1 x Cayin N7
    1 x USB-C Charging Cable