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Campfire Audio Saber

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All-New Hybrid Design
Damascus Steel Meets Compact Comfort
Limited Edition – 1000 units

  • Saber

    Slice through the fatigue of sonic sameness!
    Unique driver selection, arrangement, and exceptional interior acoustic design; Saber offers you an exciting escape to a new sonic experience. Its ergonomic form factor offers compact comfort and extended listening sessions without fatigue.

    Saber is an impressive conversation piece and stylish expression of your aural daring.  Fresh, exciting, and deeply rewarding; this new hybrid is a highlight of any collection.  Limited to 1000 units globally.

    Dynamic Duo

    Dual drivers meld into sonic bliss.
    Two brand-new dynamic drivers headline this 3 driver hybrid design. D8, an 8mm DD creates a rich, responsive low-end.  D6, a 6mm DD provides detailed, relaxed mids. Together they blend seamlessly to create a rich and engaging experience. The razor-sharp highs are delivered from a single laser-focused balanced armature that rounds out the trio. 

    With Saber, listening boredom is a thing of the past; an intimate, engaging signature that is equally full of dynamism and energy.

    The Real (Damascus) Steel
    Individually Unique + Universally Durable
    The aesthetic elements of Saber are second to none. Its machined Damascus steel lid means that each piece is supremely unique. The Saber you own is one of its kind. The balance of the body utilizes our light and durable ABS in a striking black matte finish.  Together these elements form a remarkable earphone in both style and comfort. 

    Saber features our slim spout assembly that improves comfort and allows for greater ease of use when tip rolling.  The everyday use of Saber is thoroughly considered and refined by years of experience.

    ‘Pure Copper’
    Welcome Back A Classic Cable
    Our Pure Copper cable is the ideal complement to Saber.  Its smooth and warm character enhances the admirable sonic attributes of this very special hybrid.  Four high purity copper conductors meet custom beryllium copper MMCX connectors to ensure optimal sonic performance. 

    Custom Beryllium Copper MMCX connectors provide thousands of more pulls to the part’s life and ensure that the connection you have on Day 1 will be the same as the connection years from now. Moldable over-ear hooks provide security, flexibility, and comfort.

    Portland Grey
    Compact Canvas Carrying Case; HandMade in Portugal
    Our most compact carrying case now fits easily into your pocket, keeping your earphones protected and within reach.  The muted tones channel the season of Portland’s rainy days while the design offers protection from elements at a supremely pocketable scale.

    New Dual DD Configuration
    The First in a New Lineage of Campfire IEMs
    Saber’s design features a number of “firsts” for Campfire Audio. It is our first hybrid design to feature multiple dynamic drivers and our first opportunity to showcase our new D6 and D8 dynamic drivers.

    D6 features a rigid Titanium/Polymer diaphragm that brings warm, detailed mids to Saber’s sonic presentation. D8 features a hybrid Beryllium/Polymer diaphragm. This creates a special depth to the low-end, while its compact size for a bass driver keeps the bass tight and tastefully presented.

    3D Printed Interior
    Carefully Consider Sonic Performance
    Close attention to every detail is critical in delivering you a superior musical experience from our earphones. Saber features a unique, acoustically optimized interior chamber that allows its drivers to work together to deliver the very best sound quality and bring you the very best listening experience.  Your time is well spent with Saber.

  • Technical Specifications

    5Hz–19 kHz Frequency Response
    94 dB SPL @ 1kHz: 25.4 mVrms
    8.2 Ohms @ 1kHz Impedance

    Machined Damascus Steel Lid
    Matte Black ABS Body
    Single Balanced Armature Driver (Highs)
    D6 – 6mm Nano Titanium Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
    D8 – 8mm Hybrid Beryllium Polymer Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
    Custom Beryllium / Copper MMCX Connections
    Polished Stainless Steel Spout