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Brise Audio Tsuranagi

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The portable amplifier TSURANAGI was developed as a development evaluation device for BriseAudio's high-end earphone cables and high-end portable line cables (mini-mini cables) in order to build the ideal portable audio environment.We also use BriseAudio cables for internal wiring, and install electromagnetic wave absorbing shielding materials and CNT (carbon nanotubes) used in our high-end cables such as MURAKUMO and YATONO on the board to further improve sound quality.

◆ Portable amplifier with analog input and analog output (common for earphones and headphones)
◆ Supports balanced input/output
◆ Balanced output even for unbalanced input signals
◆ Equipped with Pentaconn 4.4mm terminal
◆ Input: Balanced/unbalanced (5-pole 4.4 mm + 3 poles 3.5 mm)
◆ Output: Balanced (5 poles 4.4 mm + 4 poles 2.5 mm)
◆ Equipped with high quality electronic volume IC MUSES72320
◆ High input impedance & high common mode noise removal by low noise differential line receiver
◆ Low noise Unbalanced-balanced conversion using a fully differential operational amplifier
◆ Drive headphones with a low distortion current feedback amplifier
◆ Elimination of input/output coupling capacitors with dual power supplies and DC servo
◆ Charging from USB Type C
◆Continuous playback time approximately 8 hours (varies depending on the environment of use) 



Battery Life 8 hours


 1 year warranty