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The world's first "MEMS hybrid earphone + dedicated full analog portable amplifier + dedicated 16-core cable" ultimate portable audio system

◆ PVD black coated pure titanium housing
◆ Ear hanger structure for increased wearing stability
◆ 8 drivers 5-way configuration
Ultra-high range: MEMS speaker x 1
High range: BA driver x 2
Mid range: BA driver x 2
Mid-low range: BA Driver x1
Low range: Φ8mm dynamic driver x2
◆ Broadband frequency response over 100kHz
◆ Multi-amp connection with original 7-pin connector
◆ Crossover circuit integrated on the amplifier side

Dedicated portable amplifier
◆ Two-story structure with 4-layer board (power supply) + 8-layer board (amplifier)
​​◆ Adopts electronic volume MUSES72323
◆ Active crossover circuit with a total of 10 channels on the left and right
◆ Power amplifier circuit with a total of 12 channels on the left and right
◆ Drive method 
BA & MEMS: Single End drive
dynamic driver: Balanced drive

dedicated cable
◆ 16 core pure silver original cable
◆ Exclusively designed Utimate grade high sound quality processing

Brise Audio Fugaku
Brise Audio Fugaku Sale price$0.00 SGD