Aful Explorer

The wait for the AFUL Explorer is finally over, the much-awaited and anticipated 1DD+2BA IEM is here. Crafted with elegance, the pair boasts exciting looks with face panels that match the depth and exploration energy of the Cosmos. As for sound, AFUL has implemented several different patented technologies to come up with the Explorer. They basically used the techniques that they developed for the MagicOne and Performer series of IEMs. We have the self-developed wide-frequency range BA drivers and a DD driver arranged with RLC Network Frequency Division Technology and MicroResonator technology, allowing the pair to deliver a high-resolution sound performance. Are you ready to dive deeper into the realms and experience new level of music with the AFUL Explorer!!

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Termination: 3.5mm Stereo

Three-Driver Hybrid Design:-

AFUL has previously designed multi-driver hybrid in-ear monitors in the form of Performer5 and Performer8. The latest Explorer also features a three-driver hybrid setup consisting of a dynamic driver unit and two Balanced Armature driver units.

Combined Tech Of Previous Releases:-

AFUL has implemented different technologies that they have released and patented so far. The pair features wide-frequency response range BA drivers that AFUL specially developed for the MagicOne. The pair has multiple patented techs that AFUL has previously implemented in the Performer series, this includes RLC network frequency division, 3D Resonator crossover, high-damping air pressure balanced management system, etc.

Precisely Engineered Multi-Layered Crossover:-

AFUL Explorer adopts precisely designed multi-layered electronic crossover technology on the pair. It helps in accurate signal processing and distribution among the drivers. This ensures clean and clear sound reproduction, producing a balanced and detailed sound. With RLC network frequency division, the high-frequencies get smoother responses without any peaks and abnormal frequency response fluctuations. It also extends the high-frequency band beyond 10kHz.

Professionally Designed Internal Cavity Structure:-

Along with multi-layered electronic crossover and RLC Network Division technology, AFUL Explorer also has a physical crossover designed with a 3D printed cavity structure and a special-shaped resonator. The pair has an ultra-thin and long bass tube and a special-shaped resonator cavity design. It smoothens the frequency response and improves the low-end depth in the output. This design enhances the three-frequency response and delivers quality sound to the listeners.

High-Damping Air Pressure Balance Management System:-

AFUL Explorer adopts a high-damping air pressure management system. This reduces the eardrum pressure and enhances the bass response with better bass texture and clarity. It releases the trapped air in the air canal, which helps ensure better wearing comfort and provides a deep-hitting bass region.

High-Quality Stock Cable:-

AFUL Explorer is bundled with a high-purity stock cable. It is a 200-core dual-strand high-purity copper silver-plated cable which is hand-braided for perfection. This cable improves the three-frequency band. It is also capable of enhancing the midrange performance with better clarity for vocals and instruments. The cable adopts high-quality gold-plated pure copper plugs with a choice between 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs at the time of purchase.

Aful Explorer
Aful Explorer Sale price$155.05 SGD Regular price$199.00 SGD


  • Three-Driver Hybrid Setup.
  • 1DD+2BA Setup Per Side.
  • 3D Printed Acoustic Tubed with Special-Shaped Resonator.
  • High-Damping Air Pressure Balanced System.
  • Precisely Engineered Multi-Layered Electronic Crossover.
  • RLC Network Frequency Division Crossover Technology.
  • Self-Developed Wide-Frequency Response BA Driver.
  • Consistent High-End Sound Reproduction.
  • Eye-Catchy Cosmo Inspired Face Covers.
  • Easy to Power.

Technical Information:-

  • Impedance: 26Ω±10%>
  • Sensitivity: 108dB/mW.
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-30kHz.
  • Connector Type: 0.78m 2-pin connectors.
  • Cable Termination: 3.5mm/4.4mm.
  • Authorised Distributor Warranty - 1 Year