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Imagine surround sound that’s easy, fun, and works with everything. That’s Syn. Well, Syn is also a DAC, remote control preamp, and headphone amp as well. Oh yeah, and it won’t become a paperweight when standards change. Head exploded? That’s OK. We’ll break it down.

Surround Set Free

Forget worrying about whether your surround works with the latest standards or if you’ve spent enough Sundays tweaking umpteen 31-band EQs and uploading the latest room correction files because you moved a chair. Plug Syn into the optical output of any smart TV, twist a couple of knobs, and then sit back and enjoy great surround. Or plug in via USB, or use the analog input—Syn provides surround from any stereo source.

Gaming Unleashed

Whether you’re using speakers or headphones, Syn adds another dimension to your gaming. Immerse yourself by adding surround speakers. Or focus in on the tiniest details with crossfeed-like headphone processing. Or move gaming to the living room or media room. We’re not gonna stop you!

Stereo Redefined

Just want stereo? Syn is an exceptional remote control DAC/preamp. With USB, optical, and analog inputs, as well as a fully discrete main stage for the stereo channels and motorized Alps potentiometer for volume control, it delivers amazing quality. Want to try surround? Syn allows you to simply add the surround, sub, and center channels—without touching the mains at all. Try it—it’s pretty amazing!

All On Your Head

Syn also includes a powerful (1000mW) fully discrete headphone amp, as well as a frequency-dependent, crossfeed-like soundstage mixing capability that help combat the “in your head” feeling from headphone listening. Whether you’re looking for a good headphone DAC/amp, or

want the headphone output for late-night movie watching, Syn delivers.

Developed Through Listening

Syn isn’t like any other surround processor. It’s not digital. It supports no standard. Its all-analog processing doesn’t use any steering. It was developed by producing a simple matrix prototype, then tweaking it with analog computing techniques until it provided enjoyable, realistic results. This meant the development of two exclusive controls—Width and Presence—as well as specific headphone shaping and matrix cross-mixing.

Schiit Audio Syn
Schiit Audio Syn Sale price$769.00 SGD

Main L/R

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20Khz, +/-0.02db
  • THD: <0.0005%, 20Hz-20KHz, at 2V RMS
  • IMD: <0.0005%, CCIR
  • SNR: >118dB, A-weighted, referenced to 2V RMS
  • Crosstalk: >-80dB, 20Hz-20KHz
  • Topology: fully discrete voltage feedback, high current/high power output for headphone amp
  • Gain: 0dB
  • Output Impedance: 75 ohms

Headphone Out (from Main L/R)

  • Maximum Power, 16 Ohms: 1000mW RMS
  • Maximum Power, 32 ohms: 1000mW RMS
  • Maximum Power, 50 ohms: 700mW RMS
  • Maximum Power, 300 ohms: 180mW RMS
  • Output Impedance (headphones): 0.1 ohms


  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20Khz, +/-0.02dbT
  • HD: <0.0005%, 20Hz-20KHz, at 2V RMS
  • IMD: <0.0005%, CCIR
  • SNR: >118dB, A-weighted, referenced to 2V RMS
  • Topology: based on OPA1656/OPA1678
  • Gain: 0dB in absence of processing, up to 12dB with processing
  • Output Impedance (line out): 75 ohms


  • Frequency Response: -3dB at 7kHz
  • THD: <0.0006%, 20Hz-20KHz, at 2V RMS
  • IMD: <0.0006%, CCIR
  • SNR: >114dB, A-weighted, referenced to 2V RMS
  • Topology: based on OPA1656/OPA1678
  • Gain: 0dB in absence of processing, up to 12dB with processing
  • Output Impedance (line out): 75 ohms

Subwoofer Out

  • Frequency Response: -3dB at 80 Hz
  • THD: <0.0008%, 20Hz-20KHz, at 2V RMS
  • IMD: <0.0008%, CCIR
  • SNR: >112dB referenced to 2V RMS
  • Topology: based on OPA1656/OPA1678
  • Gain: 10dB referenced to mains
  • Output Impedance (line out): 75 ohms

USB Receiver: C-Media CM6635

DAC: ESS ES9018 with LM4562 I/V and filter stages

Sample Rates and Bit Depths

  • USB Playback: 16/44.1 to 32/384 supported without drivers on Windows 10, Mac, Linux, Android (any UAC 2 device) with autoswitching to UAC1 for PS4, PS5, and Switch consoles.
  • Mic Input: 48kHz
  • Optical Input: 16/44.1 to 24/192

Inputs: Digital Optical, Digital USB, Analog RCA

Outputs: Analog Main L/R, Center, Surround L/R, Subwoofer

Volume Control: analog, motorized Alps RK16812 series potentiometer

Remote Control: input select, mode select, master volume, mute

Other Controls: Center Level, Surround Level, Width, Presence, all done in analog with Alps RK09 or RK097 potentiometers

Power Supply: full linear supply with external power supply, wall-wart, internal filtering and regulation with dual-stage, ultra-quiet main supply and separate logic supply for microprocessor and digital section.

Power Consumption: 7W typical

Size: 9” x 6” x 1.5”

Weight: 2 lbs

APx Report for Syn

What You Are Getting
  • Schiit Audio Syn x 1
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  • Power Cord x 1
  • Authorised Distributor Warranty - 1 Year
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