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    Employs a silver-coated OFC cable. Delivers subtle, soft lingering sound field representation.
    Achieves rich, three-dimensional spatially expressed sound reproduction deemed difficult with a balanced armature driver. Employs a single driver network direct connection circuit. Using an extremely complex assembly process possible because it is carried out at our own factory here in Japan, this flagship model unlocks the utmost potential of the single balanced armature driver. Silver coated cables are employed, making for beautifully lingering soft high frequencies while retaining the delicacy of BA-SS. A polished sound with the natural power of expression. Two models have been prepared, one with a 3.5mm plug and one with a 2.5mm plug (3.5mm: FI-BA-SST35, 2.5mm: FI-BA-SST25).

    BAM mechanism produces bass sounds and stereo spatial interpretations
    With balanced armature driver units, iron is driven to produce sound, and as such, these drivers face a number of problems, amongst which are "proving tiring to listen to", "having a sound that is subtle and beautiful, but lacking in depth and being flat” and "lacking bass interval". At final, we decided to focus on developing technology for the reproduction of bass tones and three-dimensional space with the full-range reproduction of a theoretically unproblematic single driver unit, rather than taking things in a multiway direction. We went back to the beginning and reviewed the performance of the balanced armature driver, focusing our attention on something we had previously overlooked? airflow inside the housing. We developed BAM (Balancing Air Movement), a mechanism that optimizes airflow inside the housing through the creation of an aperture in the driver unit, which is usually sealed. While achieving bass tones and deep, three-dimensional spatial representation, which proved difficult with single driver full-range reproduction, we achieved a BA type that at the same time made for natural listening the user doesn't tire of.

    The original balanced armature driver unit
    Since the BAM mechanism optimizes the flow of air within the housing, according to our own unique specifications, an opening has been established on the back of the driver unit, which is usually closed.

    Highly rigid machined stainless steel housing
    There are five pieces per side to the housing, which has been machined from stainless steel. In the pursuit of the ideal BAM mechanism, special care has been taken even with the parts of the housing you can't see, every part of which has been created using extremely complex manufacturing processes. Usually, the cable is connected within the housing to secure it. With this FI-BA-SS, however, we've employed a collet chuck to secure the cable, so that the airflow through the inside of the housing is not compromised. The high-precision processes used even in such hidden aspects of the product support FI-BA-SS's outstanding sound quality.

    Original clear earpieces: five sizes to choose from
    The new style E type CLEAR earpieces employ two types of silicon differing in rigidity for the sound conduit and for the section that comes into contact with the user's ear. For the sound conduit, more rigid silicon has been used compared to that used with the section coming into contact with the user's ear with a view to achieving both strength and flexibility. The earpiece is fitted into the ear while maintaining its round shape. Soft silicon has been employed for the section that comes into contact with the user's ear, making for a comfortable fit and a high level of sound insulation. Compared to the black, the surface smoothness and solidity differ slightly; with slight changes to the airtight nature of the product, bass tones are slightly softer, while high-pitched tones can be heard clearly, making for a tendency to clear sound. The product comes in a set of five sizes, XS/S/M/L/LL. C type BLACK (S/M/L) with its differing airtight nature and bass tone reproduction is included along with the E type clear. Please choose the type that you prefer.

    Original high purity OFC silver coated cable
    We've used high-purity OFC silver coated cables that provide a wide sound stage. These jointly-developed cables were originally designed by and are currently manufactured by the well-renowned Junkosha corporation for the purpose of being used with the supercomputer "Kei" due to their fast signal transmission speed. The insulator film is made from PFA which was also developed by Junkosha who used their extensive know-how through the JUNFLON? brand to create the ultimate in low-permittivity material. The outer tube is made from PVC for maximum flexibility. The user will experience surprising flexibility that both makes the cable extremely easy to use as well as reducing the likelihood of microphonics. In addition, the mini-plug has a tendency to disconnect so we've far exceeded the regular QA pass criteria of a 5,000-time bend test by changing the connection design to one that can withstand more than 50,000 bends.

    * Junkosha: The Japanese corporation Junkosha develops and manufactures products such as high-speed coaxial cables that boast the world's fastest transmission speed at 95% the speed of light, as well as cables for demanding fields such as marine and aerospace, healthcare and power generation facilities. These special cables require a high level of technology and center around fluoropolymers. Junkosha's cables are often called by the brand name JUNFLON® and have earned the tremendous trust of engineers requiring special-purpose cables.
    * A total length of 1,200 km is now being used in supercomputers, and it takes longer for the electrons to flow through the cables than it does through the semiconductor. As the cable transmission speed is the limiting factor of the supercomputer speed, a substantial amount of development costs are spent in the pursuit of transmission speed.

    Product code: FI-BA-SST35/FI-BA-SST25
    Housing: Machined stainless steel
    Driver: Balanced armature
    Cable: Silver-coated OFC cable (2.5mm, 4-pole / 3.5mm, 3-pole)
    Sensitivity: 112dB
    Impedance: 16Ω
    Weight: 20g
    Cord length: 1.2m

  • Accessories
    Leather carry case,
    Silicon earpiece (E type 5 sizes, C type 3 sizes)