Warranty Policy

All products sold by Jaben Online are genuine and come with a warranty unless stated otherwise on the product listing.

The duration of the warranty is subject to variation based on the Brand and Model; please contact us for specific details if unclear.

Warranty repairs may be carried out either locally or in the manufacturing country, depending on the Brand/Model.

For certain Brand/Model, local repairs may necessitate owners to visit the local service center; if unable, Jaben will assist in coordinating the warranty process, with the owner covering courier charges.

If shipping to the manufacturing country is required for repairs, all associated costs during the shipping process are the responsibility of the equipment owner.

Product warranty is limited to solely internal manufacturing defects such as loss of sound and sound distortion, and it does not include:

  • Faults caused by wear and tear, accident, dropping, mechanical damage, damp, moisture, chemical products, abnormal impact damage or force majeure.
  • Modification or repair by you or third party without the respective local distributors' approval. 

Batteries within amplifier / player products only come with 30-day warranty.

Cables and Interconnects comes with 30-day Limited Warranty to protect against product defects, unless stated otherwise on the product listing.

All warranty claims must be supported by a valid purchase order number within the warranty duration. Additional particulars may be requested to verify the validity of the purchase. Additional fees may be imposed should the defect be outside the scope of the warranty.

The warranty length cannot be extended or renewed due to subsequent resale or replacement of the product. This Limited Warranty does not affect your legal rights under your applicable national laws relating to the sale of consumer electronic products. Defective parts replaced within the Limited Warranty Claim shall become the property of the respective local distributors.

All warranty is subjected to the Jaben's terms and conditions, and the management reserves the right to reject any claims that are out of the warranty scope. 

Click here to submit your warranty ticket and our staff will be in contact with you, guiding you through the claiming process.