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Beyerdynamic Companion Deal

Installment option available at check out page

For audition the Mystery Desktop Companion, visitour outlet @ The Adelphi for more assistance.

  • Your All-Time-Favourite Beyerdynamic Headphones powered with compact desktop devices
Package Content
  • Beyerdynamic Headphone of your choice x 1
  • Mystery Yet Fantastic Desktop Device x 1
The Combo Deal You Oughta Know

Audiophile gear, once deemed unattainable, is now accessible at lower costs than two decades ago, delivering superior quality.

As streaming services surge in popularity, consider: Is subpar gear fit for hi-res music? The myth that audiophile equipment remains unattainable is a myth. Today, it's not only affordable than two decades ago but also delivers superior quality.

Experience audiophile-grade sound without breaking the bank with Beyerdynamic's DT880 and DT990 headphones.

With our special offer, starting at just $299; this includes headphones and an amplifier, you're on the way there.

Not sure? Then audition these exceptional headphones before you decide.

Stretch your budget further with easy payments from just over $50+ with our Hassle-Free, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) plan.

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