SAEQ Red Baron

The basic determinants of the quality of interconnect cables are:

  • material quality (high percentage of purity of copper and silver)
  • the insulator must have a good dielectric constant and be ideally applied to the conductor
  • technologically optimized production process of a thin conductor with minimal heating, in order to preserve its greatest rigidity without external deformations of the conductor surface. This process must be carried out in a space with minimal humidity and with as little exposure to atmospheric air as possible until the moment of insulation of the conductor.
  • the process of applying silver to a copper conductor must be done with the shortest possible heating and an effort to keep the conductor as rigid as possible and the applied layer of silver to be of uniform thickness with an ideal surface. The verification of the quality of the surface and the rigidity of the conductor is done very carefully according to very strict criteria.
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SAEQ Red Baron
SAEQ Red Baron Sale price$434.26 SGD
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  • SAEQ Red Baron RCA cable x 1 pair