What makes it uncompromising:

  • Fully discrete technology without integrated (hybrid amplifier) circuits and SMD components. This approach gives us greater liberty in selection of components and thus the possibility to choose the most optimal elements for the given function
  • a powerful and robust output stage with quasi complementary pair (quartet?) of output transistors with a total power rating of 300 watts per channel and possible impulse currents of up to 8 amperes.
  • input stage  single-end without capacitive input compensation.
  • biasing stage in pure A-class also without capacitive compensation
  • vollume regulation via 24 position attenuator. Channel difference less than 0.1dB
  • all elements have been carefully selected through a large number of hearing tests, with the aim of reaching  very high level of reproduction it can directly drive ribbon, electrodynamic and planar headphones and, in addition, loudspeakers of the highest class.
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