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Introducing Shanling EC Mini Transportable CD Player & DAP

Introducing Shanling EC Mini Transportable CD Player & DAP

Over the past 12 months, Shanling fully embraced its classic Hi-Fi heritage and launched an interesting range of CD Players. Shanling started with the multifunctional EC3, followed by the highly focused ET3 Transport, and this summer, Shanling launched its low-budget models CD80 and CA80.

Now it's time for Shanling's most unique CD player yet, Shanling's first transportable Multifunctional CD Player powered by batteries, the Shanling EC Mini.

Battery Power for CDs On-the-Go

Fully powered by a pair of 18650 batteries, the Shanling EC Mini is Shanling's first transportable CD Player.

The Shanling EC Mini works great as a desktop device, compact enough to fit onto cluttered office desks or small bedroom tables. And its fully independent battery power makes it super easy to move between desks in the office, switch between rooms in a house, or take it out to a coffee or garden to enjoy CDs in the fresh air.

As the Shanling EC Mini demands just a standard USB output for charging, it makes for a perfect fit into modern cars, which completely gave up on the traditional CD players. With the Shanling EC Mini fitted into a car, it can connect directly to a stereo system over its RCA outputs or pair with modern car systems over Bluetooth. Thanks to the dedicated In-Vehicle mode, the Shanling EC Mini connected over a USB cable can even detect when the car starts up, enabling the automatic Power On/Off function for smooth playback on trips.

And to carry the Shanling EC Mini in style, Shanling designed a special shoulder carrying case, making for easy transportation, protecting the device from any bumps or scratches, all while keeping easy access to all controls and outputs. The carrying case is sold separately.

More than just a CD Player

The Shanling EC Mini is much more than just a simple CD player. Under its hood, it actually matches Shanling's MTouch portable players. Built on the same Ingenic X1000 platform, running Shanling's dedicated system optimized for portable players, this time customized to a 2.33-inch touch screen sitting on the top.

This brings a whole new dimension of features, turning the Shanling EC Mini into a true multifunctional device, way above the limitations of other CD players.

Firstly, there is an option for local playback from MicroSD cards and USB drives, with the touch screen allowing for full navigation through the music library right on the device. And Shanling's SyncLink feature allows even for remote controlling directly from a phone or tablet.

Secondly, Shanling added Bluetooth, for both receiving and transmitting functions. So this might be the first time when users can play their CDs straight into their Bluetooth headphones on-the-go! Then, with the receiver function, the Shanling EC Mini will turn into a Hi-Fi quality Bluetooth DAC/AMP for wireless playback from a phone. And if users want to play music over a USB connection, the Shanling EC Mini can serve as a classic USB DAC.

But the most unique feature on the Shanling EC Mini might be its USB output, allowing for a digital output directly to any standalone USB DAC, from small portable units to high-end USB DACs. This is such a rare feature on CD players, yet Shanling managed to fit it even into its cheaper transportable player.

Proven Hi-Fi Components

The audio section of the Shanling EC Mini is based on Shanling's M3 Ultra, packing a pair of Shanling's favorite ESS ES9219 DACs, supported by a pair of Ricore RT6863 headphone amplifiers, for a fully balanced audio circuit and 4.4mm output, alongside the standard 3.5mm jack. It can output up to 248 mW @ 32 Ohms over balanced out.

The CD system is of comparable quality to Shanling's CD80 and CA80 players, with a Phillips CD drive and Sanyo HD860 laser for accurate CD and MQA-CD reading. And to prevent any interruptions on a bumpy ride, the Shanling EC Mini adds extra mechanical and electronic anti-vibration systems.

Available mid-late Oct 2023

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