Pioneer of Bone Conduction Drivers Has Leveled It Up With New Breakthrough! Introducing The Latest Mason FS Flagships: Soleil Tombé & Nuit Étoilée

Pioneer of Bone Conduction Drivers Has Leveled It Up With New Breakthrough! Introducing The Latest Mason FS Flagships: Soleil Tombé & Nuit Étoilée

Night & Day • The Moon & The Sun

Unique Melody Mason FS Nuit Étoilée

Immerse yourself in the radiant starry night with the all-new Mason FS Nuit Étoilée from Unique Melody. A groundbreaking hybrid pressure conduction system, meticulously crafted, enhances the Nuit Étoilée experience with dynamic freedom.

Unleash vibrant colors, unfolding an artistic masterpiece. Harnessing the expertise of skilled artisans, Unique Melody upholds a legacy of craftsmanship. Driven by passion and resilience, they blend melodies with the starlit canvas, infusing Nuit Étoilée with the romance of moonlit nights.



Also known as "The Starry Night," paying homage to the renowned Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent Willem van Gogh, the shell of Nuit Étoilée is crafted using the color palette of Van Gogh's masterpiece. The vivid portrayal faithfully recreates the splendor and charm of "The Starry Night." Every pair of Nuit Étoilée showcases different textures and colors, bringing to life the movement and variations of the starry night. Using CNC technology, UM transforms the starry night into a three-dimensional experience, creating a harmonious dance between art and music that transcends time and space.

Unique Melody Mason FS Soleil Tombé

Embark on a journey through the desert with the enchanting Mason FS Soleil Tombé. A fusion of the desert's cacti and the radiant sunset sands, this earphone captures the essence of heroes amidst the shifting sands and beautiful women in crimson silk tents. The silky sounds echo through the heavens, carrying an expansive and majestic atmosphere.

Experience the all-new hybrid pressure conduction system, refined to perfection. The initial touch subtly enriches the surroundings with a quiet elegance, and upon closer examination, one realizes the galloping energy akin to a thousand horses. Merging tradition with technology, classical with rock, Mason FS Soleil Tombé stands as a soulful masterpiece.


UM's latest addition to the Mason series, Soleil Tombé, features a design that incorporates the desert cactus against a backdrop of evening sands. Heroes and beauties come to life in the illustration, radiating a grand and elegant temperament without compromising traditional charm. The collision of the desert tree and vibrant crimson creates a harmonious blend of character and music, where strength and gentleness coexist, expressing an exuberant charm.


Breakthrough Technology

Micro High-Pressure Driver + Frequency Shift Enhanced Bone Conduction:

The unique micro high-pressure driver, an unparalleled electro-acoustic motor, elevates bone conduction technology to new heights. Since UM introduced the world's first single-vibration pressure electric bone conduction HiFi earphones in 2019, bone conduction has been a beloved concept among customers. UM, as a pioneer in applying bone conduction technology, has continually pushed boundaries, introducing various patented bone conduction units, including dual-vibration bone conduction, OBC coil bone conduction, silver-palladium alloy bone conduction, and frequency-shift piezoelectric bone conduction.

In the past two years, UM has explored various solutions and materials, resulting in the development of the micro high-pressure driver. This driver transforms bone conduction from a singular sound-producing unit into a complete electro-acoustic system, achieving a 20-fold increase in stable audio signal amplification. The micro high-pressure driver, with its ultra-thin 0.15mm frame, maximizes winding area in the smallest controlled physical space, ensuring high conversion efficiency. This driver achieves a 20-fold initial conversion ratio, amplifying audio signals. Its super high magnetic circuit efficiently transfers primary energy with low loss, driving audio loads powerfully.

The micro high-pressure driver is characterized by its small size and strong driving force. Unlike ordinary drivers on the market, it is a custom-designed booster motor tailored for frequency-shift enhanced bone conduction. Integrating the micro high-pressure driver with traditional bone conduction significantly increases the vibration frequency, optimizing bone conduction for superior performance. Tests show a significant improvement in sound quality when the micro high-pressure driver is paired with frequency-shift enhanced bone conduction. This hybrid bone conduction system brings unprecedented sound permeability and coherence compared to traditional bone conduction, infusing rhythm and texture into the music.

Newly Updated Frequency Shift Enhanced Bone Conduction and Frequency Shift Technology

Frequency Shift Technology

The human ear's hearing frequency range typically spans from 20 to 20,000Hz, with lower sensitivity to sounds below 20Hz and above 20KHz. Frequency shift technology shifts the device's resonant point to within 20KHz, improving sensitivity within the original application environment and optimizing the mixing sound effects between 20-20000Hz.

The frequency shift enhanced bone conduction unit is a new unit specifically developed for the human ear's hearing frequency range after optimizing dual-vibration bone conduction and coil-type bone conduction. It utilizes high-temperature resistant conductive palladium paste and adds a pure copper substrate on the basis of a double-sided ceramic layer. UM has optimized the copper substrate size for frequency-shift piezoelectric bone conduction, increasing it from the previous 12.5MM to 13MM. This further enhances resonance points within 20kHz, providing the highest 10-fold vibration improvement in the mid-high frequency range, ensuring stable performance and comfortable vibration sensation.

Perseverance and Excellence

UM's engineers, through repeated experiments, rigorous calculations, and listening adjustments, have crafted a hybrid bone conduction system combining the micro high-pressure driver and frequency-shift enhanced bone conduction. The synergy of inspiration and action, along with years of dedicated development and research, has resulted in the Unique Melody Mason series' new generation masterpiece.

All-New Flagship First Times Shielding Pro Earphone Cable

Following the First Times model, UM introduces the custom-designed earphone cable for the flagship Mason FS, named First Times Shielding Pro. Compared to the background of First Times, it offers a quieter ambiance, more exquisite high frequencies, and a more cohesive sound. Utilizing a new ultra-high-pressure copper material as the conductor and the highest shielding pro shielding structure, it enhances the shielding effect with four additional independent shielding layers compared to the First Times. The sound is natural, and details are highly restored, delivering captivating vocals and a dynamic soundstage reminiscent of over-ear headphones, adding a distinctive character to music under the starry night.

Gogh Bag Leather Case

Crafted from various leathers, including precious Italian cowhide for the yellow sections and navy blue sections, the Gogh Bag features a combination of textures and colors. These leathers, produced using the secret methods of the renowned Italian leather factory "CONCERIA IL PONTE," exhibit a smooth texture, resistance to pollution, and slow aging characteristics. With changes in the environment and humidity, the leather undergoes subtle color changes. The deep blue leather is made from Indian chrome-tanned leather, offering a soft and lustrous texture with a thickness of approximately 1.5-2mm, ensuring durability.


The Gogh Bag is designed in blue and violet tones, adorned with a golden full moon. The swirling nebula design reflects a unique inspiration drawn from Van Gogh's "The Starry Night." The juxtaposition of swirling nebula and serene deep blue sets a contrasting tone, allowing colors to express the artist's emotions in a rich emotional world.

HIFI Portable Design

Tailored for HIFI enthusiasts, the Gogh Bag features multiple compartments for storing players, headphones, Bluetooth devices, and phones. Versatile and functional, it serves as an all-in-one solution for audio gear on the go.


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