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Yuzuru Hanyu (羽生結弦)'s earphones

19 year-old Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu is constantly being stalked with his good-looking charm and not-to-mention great skating skills. With his increasing fan base shouting and screaming to him wherever he goes public, it is little wonder that he needs great earphones to enjoy the moments of solicitude with great music pumped through  his earphones... especially after winning the Gold Metal in Sochi. According to television appearances in the past (yes, he likes to share with the public his interests in earphones), and the information from the customer(followers), he owns over 50 pairs of earphones. Some of his favourite earphones,  all of which are available in your Jaben Stores are: Final Audio Design Heaven VI (available in Chrome Copper and Gold colour) The chrome copper housing plus the FAD custom-made BA driver brings out the sparkling clarity, sweet vocal and stunning bass all at the same time. heaven6_4 [caption id="69" align="alignnone" width="474"] Final Audio Design Heaven VI is one of Yuzuru-kun's favourite everyday earphone[/caption] Final Audio Design Piano Forte VIII One-of-the-kind series from FAD, the Piano Fortes interprets the three best results from CEO and designer Takai san's years of studies with dynamic drivers and metal materials. The VIII (brass housing) is especially great with rock n' roll or anything you are expecting bass with. [caption id="71" align="aligncenter" width="474"]yuruzu3 Final Audio Design Piano Forte VIII?! Certainly a great place to be in between the intense competitions.[/caption] Shure SE535LE It is a high-performance universal earphone and can be used both as stage monitors, and as normal listening earphones. It's a Special model re-tuned base on the original SE535. It is a product particularly popular in its price-range. [caption id="70" align="aligncenter" width="474"]yuruzu2 Shure SE535LE: great choice for everyday listening[/caption] Feel free to share with us what other earphones you've spotted Yuzuru-kun was using  :)

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